Is the Rise of ‘Squid Games’ Pushing Netflix Higher?

Squid game, one of the most popular South-Korean action shows that diverted the attention of people in hard times of a pandemic. Additionally, it has been the most-watched show ever in the last quarter of 2020. Furthermore, this show has added 4.4 million subscribers to Netflix in the last quarter, increasing the amount to 214 million subscribers.

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According to Florian Zandt (Data journalist) In the previous 27 days from October 13, 111 million Netflix accounts watched at least two minutes of Squid Game.

The question that arises here is that, is Squid Games season taking the viewership of Netflix to the next level?  What’s the effect on stocks of Netflix due to the booming viewership of Squid Games? 

Let’s find the answers to these questions.

‘Squid Games’ effect on stocks of netflix:

Squid games have become a number #1 show in 94 countries due to their relentless story. Not only this show viewership has increased as well as it has increased the stock value of Netflix. The stock value of Netflix increased from $598.67 to $610.27, an approx increase of 1.9%. This increase was mind-boggling. All this happened due to the 142 million views on the show in just a few weeks of its release on Netflix, and it was mid-sept.

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Attained the position of no.1 watch show:

Season one of Bridgerton, the Regency-era period drama presenting an alternate past where people of color are completely incorporated into society, has slipped to second place with 82 million accounts. Tiger King, the documentary that went viral after the initial coronavirus outbreak, is ranked ninth, behind Netflix’s Money Heist and Stranger Things, which are currently in their fourth and third seasons, respectively.

However, both seasons have much more watching hours, with Money Heist ranking in second with 619 million and Stranger Things coming in third with 582 million. 

Whereas squid games have taken first place with 111 million accounts viewership.

The purpose of showing Squid game on Netflix:

The reason for broadcasting this show on Netflix is not that it’s a big and popular show, but it’s a relentless and Korean show. Targeting this kind of season for the first time means that Netflix is up to something. That would be gaining subscribers from the Asia-Pacific region. That is what the company has been doing lately. Yet, there are many Korean shows on Netflix, but unfortunately, no one has ever reached the popularity threshold just like the Squid Game season does.

The psychology behind the Squid game:

The central psychology behind the squid game revolves around one person who remains a loser in his entire life. Seong Gi-Hun loses her daughter to her divorced wife.  He Suffers from an extensive amount of loans. He gets involved in such a game which would make him economically independent, but losing it would cost him his life. He believed that he lived in an economically divided society.

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The quality due to which he succeeds was:

  • Team player
  • He tries to sacrifice himself for his teammates.
  • Believes that there is still some good left in this evil world.
  • Money is equally important but not an element which could get back your loved ones.


The Squid Game is one of the top South-Korean action seasons that shows how South Korea is economically divided. All this is because wealthier people choose successors from their families.

The Squid games portray entirely the conditions of the people who are in significant debt. To tackle that debt, they go to an extent where they even had to pay the cost of their life.

This action show interprets the hideous face of the Korean system, which eventually led this Squid Game to reach the top of the viewership with an increased number of subscribers to Netflix, improving their revenue from $1.4 billion to $7.5 billion in the last quarter of 2021.

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