Is the IT industry a good career path?

The IT industry is considered by many to be a great field to get into. Our increasing reliance on computers for our day-to-day life means that the job market will always be filled with IT roles, job security will be high, and there is a range of careers to choose from.

Job security

Job security in the IT industry is among the highest due to the necessity of IT in our work and personal life. It’s now considered to be an essential area of the business and, as such, is immune to the ups and downs of the market. A business without functioning IT equipment is unlikely to be able to provide its services, so it’s in its best interest to keep a competent IT team – no matter how well or bad the company is doing. As long as you’re competent in your role, there’s no reason for a company to get rid of you.

Job Market

The IT industry is one of the fastest growing sectors, as companies are finding more and more ways to use technology to aid their business. That means there’s no shortage of IT jobs available; from Australia to Canada, wherever you are in the world, there’s always a call for people to work with technology. There’s also a range of jobs available, no matter your skill level. There are plenty of entry-level jobs for people looking to start in IT, and as you move up the ladder, there are always opportunities for you to progress.

Types of careers

One of the great things about the IT industry is the range of jobs that fall under the “IT” umbrella. While most people think of an IT support engineer who helps people fix problems with their computer, IT is so much more than that. You can be a software developer, helping create new online slots for us all to play; you can be a network engineer, making sure that we all stay connected, or you can be an IT security specialist, making sure that hackers can’t steal our information. The possibilities are endless!

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Pros and Cons

While there are a lot of upsides to working in the IT industry, there are some cons to consider.


  • Low educational cost – You can learn the skills you need online from free resources for most entry-level roles.
  • Higher-income – Entry-level IT jobs start at around £22,000 a year, and if you’re contracting, you can easily earn £150 a day for a junior role.


  • Competition – IT is a competitive field, so you need to have a strong application and interview to land a role.
  • High Stress – Many IT roles, particularly IT support roles, are high-stress environments, which can be tough for some people to handle.


IT is a great choice if you’re stagnating in your current job and are looking for a career change. Job security is high, the market is full of jobs, and you can even teach yourself the skills you need to land an entry-level job.

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