Is the Indian variant less than expected?

Is the Indian variant less than expected?

The Indian variant is ultimately less than initially estimated. However, it will remain more transferable than the British variant.

The comforting news about the Indian variant, which is classified by the World Health Organization as “worrying,” is that it threatens our British neighborhood definition project and wreaks havoc in India, with more than 4,500 daily deaths and 267,000 new cases and oxygen shortages on Tuesday.

Neil Ferguson, a renowned epidemiologist at Imperial College London, gave the BBC a “glimmer of hope” about the latest data for the B1.617.2 variant. Reuters. He said the broadcast of the Indian variant would be less than initially feared.

A lesser variant than expected?

“The scope of the benefit of the Indian variant B1.617.2 seems to have decreased slightly with the latest data,” he told the BBC, adding that more data was needed.

Why? The first estimate was made from the first positive cases identified in the United Kingdom, i.e. travelers from India. However, the epidemiologist suggests that these travelers are more likely to stay in homes or backyards where they have lived for several generations.

The Indian variant will remain more contagious than the British variant.

For Neil Ferguson, this increased transmission of the Indian variant may be less in different living conditions, especially in the United Kingdom, where the mix of generation of families is much less than in India.

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Exact details on the transmissibility of the Indian variant are due to be published next week, but British Chief Medical Officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tamin said, “The Indian variant is more contagious, with a few percent and up to 50 percent contagious variants.” As a reminder, the British variant is more contagious than the actual strain of the virus, which dominated Europe until last winter, before gradually replacing the British variant.

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How effective are vaccines?

So there is no doubt that the Indian variant will be able to broadcast more than the majority British variant in Europe, but in a smaller proportion than initially expected. So for the Indian variant theoretically, if the British variant spreads in the population it can gradually take its place and there is nothing to prevent it in France like the British variant.

Except that the first data on vaccines are reassuring. We re-examined the data to see if we are more convinced that vaccines are effective against all variants, including the Indian variant, ”Premier Boris Johnson told the House of Commons on Wednesday.

However, the references made by epidemiologist Neil Ferguson. “Immunizations will continue to protect against severe forms of Covid-19, but the effectiveness of the Indian variant vaccine may be compromised. American scientists Modern and Pfizer vaccines are claimed to be effective against the Indian variant. Immunization is, above all, aimed at preventing serious forms of Kovid-19, so it seems to be important on the face of the Indian variant.

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