Is the German government rethinking Nord Stream 2?

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The new German government’s Foreign Minister Anelina Bairbach said on Monday that the new Nord Stream 2 pipeline, built to transport Russian gas to Germany and from there to other parts of Europe, was not yet operational. Months. Because “it does not meet the requirements of EU energy law”. Bairbok added that the delay in activating Nord Stream 2 was due to the situation in Ukraine, which borders Russia. Tens of thousands of soldiers.

Berbaugh’s statements caused gas-based stocks to rise 11 percent. He wrote The Financial Times, And hinted that the German government was re-evaluating the hitherto open policy on Nord Stream 2, although it is not currently clear how.

The Nordstream 2 project aims to double the flow rate of the Nordstream gas pipeline, which was launched in 2012 and follows more or less the same offshore pipelines (i.e. offshore) that directly connect Russia and Germany. To the Baltic Sea below. They are designed to carry natural gas, which is used every day to heat rooms in the winter or in the kitchen. Nord Stream 2, in particular, is not too far from the Baltic coast of Russia to the Griffswald in Germany, not far from the Nord Stream 1 outlet: where the pipeline will connect to the EU supply chain.

Pipeline Done September 2021, but has not yet received approval from German and European authorities. Certification process blocked. To activate Nord Stream 2 in Germany, you need the approval of the Bundesnet Sagenter, the federal agency that handles electricity, gas, transportation, and telecommunications networks; It also requires the approval of the European Commission.

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In November, Bundesnetzagentur refused to recognize Nord Stream 2 for non-compliance with so-called “unbundling” European laws: in the European Union, the companies that produce, transport and distribute gas must be segregated. Now for Nord Stream 2.

To these delays of a more bureaucratic nature, Monday added the political reasons for blocking Bearbook Nord Stream 2, i.e. fear, which has already been expressed several times. From the United States By other allies, the pipeline will become Russia’s pressure tool, as it will increase Europe’s dependence on Russian gas and allow the Moscow government to put pressure on Ukraine. Europe.

These issues are also relevant in the context of the severe energy crisis across Europe: Gas prices have risen sharply in recent months For a variety of reasons, in the opinion of many European politicians, there is also the fact that Russia has reduced its supply – something that the Russian government denies.

For this, the German government’s position is very difficult: Nord Stream 2 is a problematic project from a political point of view, as Bearbok said, from an environmental point of view. Bearbach, the leader of the Greens, himself was opposed to its realization, but the new Chancellor Scholes was always in favor. At the same time, Europe’s dependence on Russian gas and the energy crisis make it difficult to oppose the project.

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