Is the film based on a true story?

Is the film based on a true story?

France 2, 3 Billboards: Panels of Revenge not to be seen tonight. Discover the true story behind this two Oscar winning work of art.

It was the happiest surprise of 2018! 3 Billboards: Revenge panels, worn by actors Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell, both Oscar-winning (Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor) aired tonight at France 2. Given the opportunity to distract the truth from the lies from this story, a grieving mother decides to provoke the local police force with advertising panels in the city and resume the investigation into her tragic death. Daughter, partly based on a real fact.

Contains inspiration from an actual event

In an interview with our colleaguesAllosin, Irish director Martin McDonagh (the first film we discovered, is amazing Nice kisses from Bruges With Colin Farrell, ten years ago) explains how he came up with the idea for these hijacked panels: “When I was traveling by bus through the United States about 18 years ago, I saw something very similar to what you can read in movie signs. Lightning fast, but I had time to understand the message, and I wondered who could write a message full of anger and pain. “. More than 30 years ago, three strange billboards from the city of Vidor, Texas, fascinated the filmmaker. It is written on these panels as reported by the American site Houston Chronicle : “Widor Police Boat Case”, “Waiting for Confession”, “It Can Happen to You”. Positive messages that do not leave the director until he decides to write the script years later 3 Billboards: Revenge Panels. “The title of my film came from this idea and concept of this film, which has stuck with me for years. What kind of pain makes someone do it? It takes a lot of courage and anger. “, Martin McDonald explained to the English newspaper Express.

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The real story behind these Nigo V Maya vidor panels is that James Fulton, the father of Catherine Fulton Page, 34,’s mother, was found dead in a car in 1991, with indications that she had been strangled and raped. But it seems to have disguised itself as a typical traffic accident. The father has always believed in the murder of his late daughter’s ex – husband Steve Page. The signs that James Fulton gave to the Widor police and blamed the former stepfather for the tragedy were his last hope of avenging his daughter’s death.

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