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Is Health Pass Strict in Other European Countries?

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This week has been widely criticized and urgently adopted by members of the French parliament, compared to the European neighbors’ health pass (which attests to a full vaccination schedule, a 48-hour negative test or a positive RT-PCR test that certifies the recovery of the Covid-19 within six months). As the methods of checks become clearer, especially for long-distance trains, a total of 750 million people on the old continent will have to adapt their daily lives to these new health identification rules.

Denmark reduces health pass

In the spring, Hungary and Denmark were among the first European countries to launch the pass. At Denmark, Access to various places such as hairdressing salons or gyms is still mandatory. But it will not be required in museums, cinemas, theaters and bars and restaurants from September 1 onwards.

In Hungary, Only immunity certificates issued from the first dose of vaccination are required at health facilities, for sports or musical events and events that bring more than 500 people together.

In Austria, “Green Pass” is required from early July to enter restaurants and cultural sites.

At Luxembourg, Shops only need the pass.

At Portugal, Especially for staying in a hotel or playing sports. It is also necessary to enter the interior rooms of restaurants, but only on weekends in the most affected areas.

The France It is one of the last countries to join the movement, but its terms of application are broader than most of its neighbors. Health passes are mandatory from July 21 at entertainment and cultural venues (cinemas, museums, etc.) that bring together more than 50 people. In early August it will expand to coffee shops, fairs, exhibitions, flights, trains, long-distance coaches and medical institutions.

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In the professional environment, fixed or permanent employment contracts, depending on the sector concerned, are vulnerable in some circumstances.

For travel, the SNCF has already announced that the penalty system for offenders will continue.

However, on Tuesday, France vaccinated 50% of the population. 50.5% of the population has a complete immunization schedule, which is far from the 90% collective immunity limit with the new Delta variant.

Health Pass: Why the new bill weakens permanent contract employees

Italy A “green pass” will be introduced from August 6 to enter closed spaces such as bars and restaurants, swimming pools, sports halls, sports grounds, museums, cinemas, theaters and theme parks … The first dose of the vaccine will be distributed as in Hungary.

In Ireland, Health Pass is currently required to enter the interior rooms of restaurants and pubs.

The unpopular scale left Moscow

In Germany et en Spain, Are areas restricted in presenting such a pass. Note that these countries account for over 50% of the vaccinated population. “More than one in two Germans (50.2%, or 41.8 million) are fully vaccinated, and 61.1% (50.85 million) citizens have been vaccinated at least once.”, Health Minister Jens Spane welcomed on Twitter.

In Spain, Covid-19 was recently introduced for the first time in Galicia (north) to access the interiors of bars and restaurants in the most affected municipalities. In the Canaries, access to cinemas, theaters, and sports halls in cities requires a health certificate, exceeding 500 cases per million residents.

In Germany, depending on the landlord, a vaccination certificate or negative test may be required to enter hotels, sports halls, movie theaters or brothels.

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In Russia, Implemented a health pass to go to restaurants in the Moscow region at the end of June, but the very popular move was abandoned three weeks later. Yet in Russia, only 16% of the population is fully vaccinated, the site says Our world of data Until July 27th.

Optional in some countries

In SuisseHealth passes are optional at bars, restaurants, fairs, theaters, movie theaters, museums or swimming pools. Access to restricted spaces, such as nightclubs and events for thousands of people is a must.

At UKThe government plans to introduce a health pass in September to access nightclubs and “other places that welcome many people.” May affect professional football matches. Currently, the country is still dependent on immunization (55% of the population and partially 14% complete) Our world of data.

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