“Is he trolling?” Irish manager defends ‘contagious’ star who refused vaccine after being caught twice by Kovid (video)

"Is he trolling?"  Irish manager defends 'contagious' star who refused vaccine after being caught twice by Kovid (video)

Kenny made the remarks at a press conference ahead of tomorrow’s World Cup qualifier against Azerbaijan in Baku.

“All I can say about Callum Robinson is that he’s a popular member of the team.” When the player responded to criticism from some midfielders after being revealed earlier this week, Kenny said he had no intention of stabbing.

“It’s the breath of fresh air, he always comes in smiling, he’s contagious, the locker room laughs,” he added. Kenny added.

“People love him and he has great qualities as a human being and as a human being.

“He faced a lot of criticism because he entered a press conference where a large majority of players refused to answer the question. [about vaccines], But it was open and transparent.

“He insulted it, but he’s a great person and I think all the players will examine him and talk well about him. He is a popular member of the team.

West Bromwich Albion star Robinson has been embroiled in controversy in recent days, admitting that he had not been vaccinated despite being hit twice by Kovid and missed matches for his country in November and August.

“I have not been vaccinated, no” The 26-year-old was confirmed RobinsonWhen asked, before adding: “Now it’s my choice.”

“I’m caught twice, but I’m not vaccinated,” he said. Robinson continues.

“Later, I will change my mind and want to do it. I just did not.

“I think this is your personal choice and my choice, now, [is] I have not been vaccinated.

I don’t force people to do that – it’s your will and your body. “

As he defended his star on Friday, Kenny’s choice of the word “contagious” to describe Robinson caught most people’s attention.

“Did he call the ear ‘contagious’?” One fan asked, and another wrote: “Except for the Irish media, I will not tell his colleagues that he is contagious.”

“This is the next level of trolling or utterly despicable word selection!” ” Another observer intervened.

“‘Infectious disease’ … best choice of words,” Read one answer and, like elsewhere, some wondered if Kenny was trying to portray a comedian.

Ireland certainly have serious problems in the back against Azerbaijan in order to improve their current fourth place in Group A and revive their distant hopes of reaching Qatar in 2022.

Under Kenny, they have scored just two points in five matches so far, second only to Serbia with nine points and Portugal with 13 points.

If they had qualified in one way or another, Ireland would have made their fourth appearance in the FIFA Premier League, and they would have won up to 16 rounds in 2002 after an unforgettable series. They lost to Spain on penalties.

The immunization campaign against Kovid is currently a controversial topic in football, including in the English Premier League and the Robinson-traded EFL Championship.

While Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has so far been compared to drunk drivers, authorities are struggling to get big players to run campaigns that encourage other professionals to get their shots.

However, despite being in favor of the vaccine, Kenny was not so aggressive in his comments and vowed that this would not affect his summons process.

I think it would be a very radical view to say, “Well, no one has been selected in the future who has not been vaccinated.” Earlier this week, Kenny said that everyone on his Irish team had admitted that they had not received two doses of the vaccine.

“I do not know anyone who has done this in any sport so far, so I have to come and decide if this is going to be extreme.” Kenny was under pressure.

“I was very happy [vaccinated] I also encouraged staff and players. Of course, this seems to be the most prudent thing to do and the safest for our environment.

“There are a lot of myths and a lot of issues surrounding antiquity, people are worried and know about other issues, I think it’s complicated.

“I’m not a medical expert, but I do trust experts, and I think it’s better to get a double immunization,” he said. He finished the question.

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