Is he back in the series?

Is he back in the series?


Farewell to the reggae-gene page from the second season of Bridgetton It shocked everyone. But now the actor has reunited with his former teammates and rekindled expectations. Is he back in the series? That’s true!

Reggie Gene Page© NetflixReggie Gene PageNolia Rios

Since its premiere 2020, Bridgetton It’s one of the most important series on Netflix. In 28 days of publication, it reached record highs and thus garnered the most anticipated title: the most-watched series in the platform’s history. He retained the position by thanking it for reaching 82 million views until its launch Squid game, Exceeded. But despite the myths that overcame it, its success was enough to renew the production.

After a year without so much news, on March 25th Bridgetton Join Netflix with new episodes. As we know, this time the series will have a big absence: The reggae-gene page will not return as Hostings Duke. Last year, at the same time that filming began, he was the same actor who announced that he would not be returning to participate in fiction, yet he is very grateful for the character that led to his international fame.

So, even after that, thousands of fans were disappointed and Jean Page was not named Bridgetton Not to open the hope of a possible return. However, the past few hours have shown that the former Duke of Hosting and the three current actors are in the same place. And, although they are not photographed together, the truth is that their approach has created a stir among the band’s followers.

This is because Page reunited with Jonathan Bailey (Anthony) and Nicola Coglan (Penelope Featherington / Lady Whistledown) and met Simon Ashley (Kate Sharma), the new lead this season.. However, this little meeting was not their idea, but everyone met at the dinner before dinner. Grand Prix Bafta 2022 All four will act as presenters alongside other actors.

Of course, this Sunday, March 13th, they will meet, because they should be there when the baftas take place. The three British actors and the Irishman Kaflan are celebrities of the moment, and their participation in such events has been linked to the success of their careers. Now, for the time being, I do not know if they greeted each other at the dinner that took place, but they always get along well, and the truth is that the link is intact even when the page goes off from the Netflix series.

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