Is Climate Affecting World Security? Russia vetoes UN resolution

Is Climate Affecting World Security?  Russia vetoes UN resolution

This Monday, Russia vetoed a draft resolution of Niger and Ireland at the UN Security Council that established a common link between global warming and global security, with the support of a majority of members of the organization.

The text, which received 12 votes in favor of 12 members of the Security Council, called on UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to “include climate-related security risks as a central component of the United Nations’ global conflict resolution strategy.” .

India, which has no veto power (since it is not a permanent member of that body), voted not to link global warming to an international security issue but to economic development. The China (vetoed) left.

The resolution calls on the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to report within two years on “Security Implications … Adverse Implications of Climate Change” on issues handled by the Security Council and on how to address such risks.

A request to nominate a special envoy on the subject was withdrawn at the last minute by the drafters of the text, in order to increase the chances of increasing Moscow’s acceptance.


Many diplomats who spoke under the guise of anonymity could not understand Russia’s opposition to a “non-revolutionary resolution,” one of them said.

Before Monday’s vote, Ireland’s ambassador to the United Nations, Geraldine Byrne Nason, stressed that the resolution was a “modest first step.”

We need to better understand “this relationship between climate and security” and “we need to look at it globally”., He defended.

His Niger rival, Abdu Abari, condemned the vote Myopia of rivals To the specified text.

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Under the Biden administration, Moscow is leading the “dance” in the Security Council, which has so far shown little initiative and opposition to Russia, the AFP reports, regularly and indiscriminately vetoing the right to do so.

China has followed Russia in many areas, including Ethiopia, Libya, Sudan, the Central African Republic, Mali and Bosnia.

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