Is anonymous file sharing guaranteed? A practice test.


Delphi University of Technology has been working with File Sharing Client Tripler since 2004. We tested this in a practical test.

Tripler’s story started a few years ago from a common story Paper from 10 scientists. The developers of the program warn all visitors Their website Anonymity of their software “Not mature yet” may be.

It says there: “Do not endanger yourself. Tripler does not protect you from spies and government agencies. We are a torrent client and we try to protect you from legal attacks and censorship. With the help of many volunteers, we are constantly developing and improving.“But development is not over yet.

The operation and installation of the Tripler is simple

The installation is kept very simple. For Pop_OS! The client is even available as a space-saving Flatub version. But Tripler is available for other Linux distributions, as well as MacOS and Windows. The latest version is from January 24, 2022. Delft University provides updates to the software at regular intervals.

Problems can be solved in the in-house English speaking forum Seek help there. In our version for Pop_OS! Unfortunately, the video player is not included. This is a pity because developers have been focusing more on P2P streaming in recent years.

Tribler: Downloads are safe, but slow

According to the company, downloads are done in several layers similar to Tor. This ensures more digital solitude. But, unfortunately, for the fact that the transmission is not so fast. If you want, you can choose how many places the transfer will take to hide your own IP address.

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Since the program is not yet fully written, we highly recommend using one VPNTo add an extra layer of encryption to the data transmission.

Also, maximum protection is unfortunately not preset in post-installation settings. You need to do this manually to get better protection. You can select the minimum and maximum anonymity using the menu item “Proxy Downloads”, which directly affects the number of intermediate points and the speed of uploads and downloads.

Programmer Daniel Alexander came across his blog post a few years ago That too to the endOf course it is better to use Tripler than not to protect yourself from warnings. But protection is not complete. Alexander writes that it is good to know that the client is not perfect and that the level of privacy it provides is different for each version. “You should only use essential file transfer features.” We can only agree with the statement. The advice to never start software without an active VPN is even more important.

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File sharers find their way instantly

During the test run, the simple operation is immediately noticeable. Anyone who has already used a P2P client will soon find their way. There is a family filter that even small children can detect and switch off immediately. The maximum upload and download speeds can be set as variables so as not to overwhelm the home network.

As a rule, Tribbler does not use magnet links or torrent files from external websites. But you can import them. The search usually takes place within the program itself. You can subscribe to as many channels as you want. However, there were very few works in German in our search queries. Few TV recordings are available from private broadcasters. But more or less all existing movies are only available in English.

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tribler, downloads
Pop! _ A few test downloads with Tripler under OS!

The matter of channels

Channels should simplify the search, but this may make it more complicated for beginners overall. It would be nice if you had full access to all the channels from the beginning to see as many search results as possible. Unfortunately, we did not find any e-books or audio books in German. Users ruined by The Pirate Bay or other BitTorrent trackers are at a disadvantage here. FitGirl has several channels on Tripler for her repacks, where both new and old game crackers are available. Alternatively, you may need to activate individual channels under the “Discovered” menu item after installation, which will include their search results.

Test downloads failed partially

Between test downloads, the statement “Waiting for metadata” continued for several minutes, and nothing more happened. It works differently on ALT or public tracker where the transfer starts immediately. Tripler counts available seeds and peers from top to zero, that’s all. It was no different, even in current movie movies like Dune. After half an hour the download runs at 1.8 MB per second. With 2.7 GB, it will take a relatively long time for the movie to reach your home hard drive.

In many cases, the download did not start after a few minutes. Cedar may have been missing for months with standard P2P file sharing.


There is no such thing as complete security! Unfortunately, a tripler secure transaction is only possible if you have made the right settings. The community is relatively small, which is why there is a lack of wars and seeds. Delft University has set an interesting goal. Despite the simple operation, this program is not suitable for the people of this country.


But when it comes to anonymous file sharing, there are no alternatives. Retroshore Currently under development, Version 1. Not yet achieved.

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Also, there have been occasional warnings before using Retroshire. Fortunately, Tripler has not heard of it yet.

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