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Iron Dome data revealed

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Knit News20.05.21 23:24 T. Shiva Tishpa

(Photo: Heim Goldberg / Knit)

In the wake of reports of an imminent ceasefire, the IDF began summarizing the 11-day “wall guard” operation and publishing data on the extent of the fighting in Gaza.

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The Iron Dome battery is one of the most important devices in recent systems, this time proving to be remarkably efficient, intercepting 95% of missiles and rockets heading to populated areas.

More than 4,000 rockets have been fired at the state of Israel in the past 11 days, according to a publication on the Mako website. For comparison, 4,000 rockets and missiles were launched on a steep slope that lasted 5 times (53 days).

Brigadier General (Res.) Pini Jungman, Senior Vice President and Head of the Air Defense Systems Division at Raphael (Attribution: Spokesperson, Ministry of Information, Ministry of Defense)

The data also shows that about 3,000 rockets fired during the current operation have penetrated into Israeli territory. The rest reached the Gaza Strip. Of the 3,000 missiles that infiltrated Israel, it was supposed to hit areas with a population of more than 1,500, with precisely heavy cost and numerous accidents.

A summary of all data shows that the Iron Dome system was able to block 1428 missiles out of 1500. This is a success rate of not less than 95%.

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