IRL Twitch Streamer Mortified after Goose attacked her on live stream

IRL Twitch Streamer Mortified after Goose attacked her on live stream

Twitch streamer ‘JustKeth’ finds himself injured after being attacked by a goose during a live broadcast.

During a stream in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on November 4, the IRL streamer contacted a goose around some water and decided to photograph the animal.

As the goose slowly moves from the water to the kettle, she rolls the camera and points the animal down. Suddenly, it seemed nowhere, it attacked and grabbed her.

Despite the cries and howls, the bird continued its ferocious attack, eventually biting into JustKeth’s private area.

Twitch / Justketh

JustKet was attacked by a goose.

Luckily, someone with a stick showed up at the scene and chased Nellika away, but before the streaming could confront her viewers, she said, “He bit my ass!” He shouted.

When she turned around, she saw the animal in the distance and laughed, and the man who had bitten the bird with the stick was still running.

After walking into the bathroom to check on her injuries, Keith returned and updated viewers about the extent of the damage.

“I have a big circle,” she revealed. “It’s red and purple. This is my view. ”

However, for her part, Schreimer was still able to smile and joke about her next encounter with the Goose type.

“Imagine if you were a man!” She laughed. “You would have missed it.”

Although the attack may have looked very bad and hurt her, JustKet did not allow her to enjoy the rest of the broadcast, which lasted more than six hours.

Kett was not the first IRL streamer to be attacked by animals during a live broadcast. In 2020, the popular Twitch star ‘Ginny’ had almost time to face a wild deer in Denmark.

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No matter how much we love animals, they are still very dangerous. At least no serious injuries were reported in this latest incident.

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