Irish woman accidentally swallows 55 AA and AAA batteries

Irish woman accidentally swallows 55 AA and AAA batteries

Doctors removed 50 pills from the stomach and intestines of a woman in Ireland after she swallowed them to self-harm, while five were removed without medical help.

The 66-year-old Irish woman was being treated at St Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin.

A Live Science article published Friday said initial tests found multiple batteries in her stomach, but no harm was done to the batteries or the patient.

The medical team initially took a “conservative” approach, monitoring the patient to follow the path of the piles.

After a week the 5 AA batteries ran out.

However, further tests revealed that within three weeks, most of the piles were blocked, causing widespread pain throughout the patient’s body.

The woman underwent a laparotomy, and surgeons found an opening in her stomach, which was resting under the weight of the piles.

So they opened the organ slightly to extract 46 AA and AAA batteries.

However, four more batteries were lodged in the colon, guided through the rectum, and then removed through the anus.

According to doctors, cases of eating batteries usually involve children.

“Intentionally including multiple large AA batteries as a means of reciprocity is unusual,” she said.

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