Irish ‘wet’ pubs are set to reopen on September 21st

Irish 'wet' pubs are set to reopen on September 21st

After discussions with the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPEET), the government will allow the reopening of non-food pubs on September 21.

The reopening of “wet” pubs, which have been closed since March, will be subject to strict restrictions on social distance and hygiene. An experienced political source said, “This is not business as usual.”

The cabinet is expected to approve the reopening date at its meeting on Tuesday.

However, this is happening amid growing concerns about infections, especially in Dublin.

The news comes as a relief to the owners and operators of 60 per cent of pubs that do not serve food and are not allowed to open. Irish pubs have experienced the longest lockdown in Europe, and the public is lobbying hard in the coming weeks to allow them to reopen.

The Tipperary public will protest outside Leinster House on Tuesday against the continued closure of pubs and the new rules. Meanwhile, Tipperary TD Matti introduced the resolution of the private members of the village independent group, including McGrath, Michael and Danny Healy-Ray. The deal on Wednesday went against new rules requiring pubs to keep food consumption receipts for 28 days.

The livelihood of the public

Outside the offices of Ministers Simon Cowney and Michael McGrath, members of the public protested in Carigalin, Co. Cork, vowing to hold similar demonstrations across the country if the government failed to protect their livelihoods.

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