Irish skier unmasks cable car: A frightening fight erupts

Irish skier unmasks cable car: A frightening fight erupts

Fight between Italians and Irish on Trentino ski slopes for non-wearing mask Cable car. The carabinieri of Badia had to intervene to separate the skiers who had fallen into the hands of humiliation. It all started with the “Pisla Ila” cable car from La Villa Val Badiya, Two Irish from Dublin and three Ligurians from Genoa. One of the two Irishmen was disturbed during the ascent Ffp2 mask, It’s taken away. The Italians protest and start a dispute that accompanies them until the end of the match. So the thing seems to be over, instead, when they get to the top station, all five go to the club opposite. A journey that made the mind more cool.

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From word to hand, there is a confusion that clearly goes unnoticed. Someone calls at 112, and soon a patrol of carabinieri skiers intervenes to disperse rivals and restore peace. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured, so all five did not need medical attention. The complaint of quarrel, however, was provoked by all, and yet it was aggravated by the vain causes which provoked it. Fortunately, since no injuries were reported, the punishment in these cases was only a fine. However, they will now face criminal proceedings.

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