Irish rugby team in Tours: why formalization is delayed

Irish rugby team in Tours: why formalization is delayed

It was at the end of April, when a press conference was held to introduce the Fair of Tours. On that day, the deputy mayor in charge of sports explains that from one day to the next, from one hour to the next, is a call to inform him of an important decision. For the city: It could host the Irish team at the 2023 Rugby World Cup if selected. After hosting footballers from the Czech Republic at Euro 2016, such a visit by a foreign team to the city would be a huge nod to the quality of its sporting infrastructure. Especially since Clover’s XV is one of the competition favourites.

Here we are 4 months in and the famous phone call has yet to come. Finally, to be honest, its contents have not been made official. Yet the chosen one is asked the question every time we see him, but there is nothing to do: Eric Thomas says nothing.

We finally hoped to remove this false mystery this Tuesday, September 6th. A joint invitation from the City, the Regional Council and the French Rugby Federation invited the press to come to Tonelle Stadium at 6:30pm to learn all about the local “base camp” that will host the event planned by Tours. in a year. At the same time, Orleans was confirmed offside for a team reception. No news from the charts, and on the starting line. All the lights were green.

But this Tuesday morning we received a new email:

“Given the changes France 2023 has undergone in recent weeks, not all conditions are in place to make it possible to formalize a team base camp in good time at the Tours. »

“Accidents” ? Indeed the sacred telescope of the calendar. As of this Wednesday, the director general of the Rugby World Cup, Claude Acher, has been summoned to court along with the boss of the French Rugby Federation, Bernard Laporte, the president of the Montpellier club and businessman Mohed Altrad, and two other figures from the Oval world. . The person suspended from his duties is accused of participating in a corruption and influence peddling case.

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The hearing is due to last more than two weeks, following an extensive investigation into the facts by the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office that began in 2017. In particular it is a question of the contract for 180,000 euros that Bernard Laporte signed with Montpellier but never honored. The Montpellier resident was fined and deducted €50,000 after a phone call from French rugby’s No.1 and former France XV coach. Claude Acher is concerned about suspected wrongdoing between his company Sport XV and FFR. More than 80,000 euros in compensation. Lawyers for the defendants believe that their clients are within their rights and have nothing to complain about.

On tours, it is necessary to wait for the outcome of this matter to get official information about the base camp. That said, we know the essentials: it’s located in Chambery, north of the city, a complex currently undergoing renovations that will soon have new facilities, including changing rooms to the latest professional standards.

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