Irish ports and ships are changing after Brexit

Irish ports and ships are changing after Brexit

Prior to leaving the EU, the UK was Ireland’s largest European trading partner and used it. “Land Bridge” for trade in the European Union. With the introduction of customs controls and costs between EU countries and the UK after Brexit, things Change: Ireland trades more and more directly with European countries on the continent And go to the UK.

Some see first and foremost the changing pattern of Irish shipping Data: From January 2021 – when the UK exits the Union – to date, the total tonnage of Dublin Port has fallen by 3.3 per cent, with a significant shift in the direction of exports. Exports from Ireland to English ports (especially Liverpool, Holyhead and Heisham) fell by 21.2 per cent, while exports to European ports (especially Rotterdam, Seaburg, Antwerp and Cherbourg) fell by 21.2 per cent.

Prior to Brexit, two-thirds of Irish exports went to the UK: today they are halved between the UK and the mainland of Europe, where traffic is expected to grow further.

The growth of direct maritime trade with European countries without landing in the United Kingdom led to a change in the type of boats used to transport cargo to Ireland: it was used before Brexit. RO-RO ships (Provides Roll, Roll over), I.e., wagons, lorries, and other wheelers loaded with goods, and when they have reached their destination, are unloaded and unloaded. They were useful before Brexit because they allowed crossings English “Land Bridge” in a very short time (About 15 hours Travel) Before reaching the European continent.

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Now, due to customs restrictions on English soil, it is best to “bypass” the United Kingdom and reach the European continent directly, albeit a longer journey, by sea only. 24 ore. So Ireland is starting to use more and more “LO-LO” ships (from which Lift-on, Lift-off), I.e. those who have cranes on board the aircraft, loading and unloading cargo at the ports where it is free to enter and depart without the need for vehicles.

Come on He said Al Financial Times Eamonn O’Reilly, one of Dublin’s port managers, has made it easier to travel long distances after arriving in European countries, and LO-LO ships are cheaper and much easier: from January to September this year, their use increased. 14 percent (and, at least, the use of RO-RO vessels) However it has moved on To the European continent).

In line with these changes, Ireland is revamping and strengthening its ports: it will invest 1. 1.6 billion in a 30-year expansion plan for Dublin Port, which will expand LO-LO’s terminal, among other things. It is now inadequate in relation to needs. Ireland in October Has been opened A new terminal at Dunkirk, France, will be the main destination of a new route, not from Dublin Harbor, but from the more south Rosslare, so there will be faster access to the European continent.

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