Irish PM says Boris Johnson’s move to invalidate parts of Brexit deal destroys credibility | Political news

Irish PM says Boris Johnson's move to invalidate parts of Brexit deal destroys credibility |  Political news

The Prime Minister of Ireland has told Sky News that Boris Johnson’s move to cancel parts of the Brexit deal with the European Union has “lost faith” and created tensions.

Michael Martin told Ireland correspondent Stephen Murphy in an earlier phone call that he had recorded “deep disappointment in Dublin” over the attitude of the UK Prime Minister and in Dublin.

“It was unilateral and there was no way to approach such difficult and complicated discussions,” he said.

Controversial Brexit changes published

Martin added: “There is a lot of anger in Europe about this and the way it happened.

“I was clear in Ireland.”

Controversial Domestic Market Bill Published The government wants to “violate international law” after agreeing.

It is intended to bring back powers from Brussels to Westminster and to distribute the divided governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis told the Commons earlier this week that the proposed legislation related to Brexit “violates international law in a very clear and limited way.”

Key factors may contradict the withdrawal agreement passed by Parliament last year, allowing ministers the power to set rules for state aid and goods traveling between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

Topshot - A pro-Brexit banner can be seen outside the houses of Parliament in London on October 30, 2019.  - Britain's political leaders tested the election pitches today after Parliament backed Prime Minister Boris Johnson's pre-auction.  -Christmas vote aims to end the Brissit crisis.  (Tolga AKMen / AFP Photo) (Tolga AKM / AFP Photo via Getty Images)

The bill seeks to revise the Brexit deal

Martin said Lewis’ comments have worried politicians in Dublin.

“I have never seen a parliamentarian publicly say that he is violating international law,” he added.

Given the bigger picture, Martin said the UK and EU negotiations before the end of the transition period in December have a short window to reach a free trade agreement.

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EU leaders, including Charles Michel, president of the European Council, have been outraged by changes in Johnson’s new bill, saying it “does not create the confidence needed to build a future relationship.”

Martin’s comments came on the same day as former Conservative Prime Minister John Major’s criticism of Boris Johnson’s new Brexit proposals.

“Our signature on any agreement or contract is sacred,” he said.

“If we lose the reputation of honoring the promises we make, we will lose something more than a price that can never be recovered.”

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, said violating the Good Friday agreement would eliminate any possibility of a US-UK trade deal.

“If the international agreement and Brexit weaken the Good Friday agreement, the US-UK trade agreement is unlikely to be passed by Congress,” she said in a statement.

“The Good Friday Agreement is invaluable to the American people and will be proudly defended at the United States Congress.”

Analysis: The Irish Prime Minister is making a pessimistic note amid diplomatic setbacks over plans to nullify the Brexit deal.
Ireland correspondent Stephen Murphy

Tao Tsev’s comments to Sky News this evening highlight the diplomatic fallout from the remarks made by Brandon Lewis in the House of Commons yesterday and the new bill published today.

Taoich spoke to Sky News shortly after leaving the phone with his British counterpart. Obviously, this was a very difficult and difficult phone call. Tao Siech described it as straightforward, a diplomatic code known for difficult conversations.

He further added that Brendan Lewis’ statement had caused a great deal of consternation in the Irish Parliament in Dublin. This destroyed credibility and created tensions around the discussions. “There is a lot of anger in Europe about this,” he said.

On the subject of future negotiations to find a trade deal next month or so, Tavosech said he was not optimistic about a deal being struck.

Although he did not rule out issues that would be resolved in the form of an urgent joint committee meeting, he made a pessimistic note. But he spoke tonight of deep disappointment at the British move.

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