Irish music with international accents with the Fourth Moon Group in Llandreno, Kann al Lor – Llandreno

Irish music with international accents with the Fourth Moon Group in Llandreno, Kann al Lor - Llandreno

With four musicians from four different countries, The fourth moon It’s like an Erasmus group!

Davide Lombardi (Italy, violin): “You’re not thinking very well. We are not far from the Erasmus Quartet. Jean Damy (France, guitar) and Geza Frank (Austria, flute) met at the University of Limerick where I went to study Irish music. That was in 2008. So we have known each other for fourteen years. Fourth Moon was born in Ireland in 2014 in a festival around Jean and Gesa. After several changes, I joined the band, as did Andrew Waite (Scotland, accordion). Finally, on some dates (including Landerneau, editor’s note), we perform with Scottish singer Ainsley Hamill.

What is your collection?

“With two or three exceptions, we only play compositions inspired by traditional Scottish music and Irish music in particular. We believe that our collection is unique and we believe that it goes through the compositions through the possibility that we give ourselves to create, invent and explore to get something unique. Of course, like everyone else, we play jigs, reels and markets. Other than that, in our case, it’s all about compositions.

How does the traditional music world see you?

“First, we are all traditional musicians who, within Fourth Moon, have studied these musics with great respect. Also, I believe there is much less protectionism today. We are increasingly accepting these interpreters from abroad. Today things are more free. Culture and knowledge are more accessible through the internet or through schools like the one in Limerick.

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Evening-concert of Kann Al Lor Festival, Friday 8 July from 7:30pm at Espace Saint-Ernal (outside) with Yoon Cam, Bon Debaras, Fourth Moon and Garlon. Prices: €25 on site, €20 by reservation, children under 12 free.

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