Irish MMA champion Conor McGregor punches Francesco Fachinati

Irish MMA champion Conor McGregor punches Francesco Fachinati
Francesco Facchinetti with wife Wilma Helena Faisol

Rome – “Nothing Connor McGregor threw a punch in the face To Francesco “. So, in an Instagram story Wilma Helena Faisal, wife of Francesco Fachinetti They tell what happened during a party at a hotel in Rome that invited them. MMA star Irish McGregor (ranked him number one in Forbes Magazine’s Top 20 Highest Paid Athlete in 2021); He arrived in the capital to baptize one of his children at the Vatican.

“Fortunately he was very close, so he was not far enough to clench his fists,” he continued, but “he was killed, and his lips and nose split open.” Francesco flew back and fell on the table … I was shaking like a calf ”. “I do not understand – says Wilma Helena Faisal – this is what first came to mind”They are joking, this is a mini show. I was exhausted as all of Connor’s bodyguards and friends held him against the wall, luI wanted to continue beating Francesco”.

“The bodyguard gave us some towels and drove us away – said Facchinetti’s wife – and they let us out of the hotel through the side door. I was crying, I was shaking. we have Police and an ambulance were called. We complained“He’s a very unstable and dangerous person. If you see him around, stay away and do not go to him for an autograph.”

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