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Irish Eurovision 2024 candidate Barbie Tagine's stunning performance has shocked internet users

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The 2024 Eurovision Song Contest takes place this Saturday, May 11 in Sweden. Broadcast live on France 2, Ireland's representative artist Bambi Thuggin's performance was far from unanimous. Check out his performance.

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Twenty-five countries compete in music at the Eurovision 2024 final in Malmรถ, Sweden, this Saturday, May 11. Laurence Boccolini and Stรฉphane Bern comment on the evening from France 2. Slimane will perform his crowning after 11 p.m. my love To represent the tricolor of blue, white and red. But before Slimane can be judged on the Eurovision 2024 stage, the public will discover several talents. One of them was not unanimous among Internet users. This is Bambi Thug representing Ireland. The 31-year-old artist set the set on fire with his song Doomsday Blue Very…unique decoration! Find out what viewers think.

Internet users shocked by Bambi Thuggen's (Ireland) performance at Eurovision 2024

After Bambi Thug's appearance on the Eurovision 2024 stage, internet users gave very candid comments about his original performance.. “What is it? It's supposed to be a family show”, “Surprising Ireland”, “A little scary…”“So, they make me nervous”, “I'm going to have nightmares”, “It's really weird, I don't like it at all!”“What is Ireland?”, “OMG Bambi Thug, I'm gonna have trouble sleeping”“Oh what's this thing”, Some viewers commented. Others, on the contrary, admired the artist's courage: “Artistic instruction is mad for Ireland.”

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Does Slimane have a chance to win Eurovision 2024?

According to the bookies, Slimane will come close to victory this evening. The favorite is baby lasagna, the Croatian candidate who will sing Rim Tim Tagi Dim. Israel player Eden Golan is in the second place in the ranking Hurricane. In third place, Nemo, the Swiss representative, can win the competition with the song Code. According to predictions, Slimane is still in fourth placeAssociated with Bambi Thug representing Ireland.

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