Irish drivers do not need to be tested in France

Irish drivers do not need to be tested in France

France does not require truck drivers coming directly from Ireland for coronavirus testing.

The Department of Transportation provided this information to Dublin, citing a very small percentage of positive cases. France introduced the liability in January after the British virus took control of Ireland, announcing that Paris had now reversed its decision in Dublin. Reuters writes that drivers coming from the Netherlands or the UK will still need negative test results in France.

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In the period Of the 5,743 antigenic tests performed between January 28 and March 4, only 14 cases were found to be positive, or only 0.24%. – Underlined the Irish Ministry of Transport.

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Britain’s departure from the European Union has made it more difficult for customs clearance with new documents and serious demarcations. So Irish exporters and traders are sending more and more goods directly to European ports., They also bring, do not use the fast route called the British Road Bridge.

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