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Tokyo Olympic Games 6 Months To Go

The dispute between the Irish dressage riders and their association, Horse Sport Ireland, enters another round about where to start at the Olympics.

The story is summarized as follows: The Irish dressage riders were able to start a team for the 2019 Olympic Games in Tokyo at the European Championships in Rotterdam. Dressage Johan Hinnemann, director of the Irish Federation and High Performance, determined that riders must win at least 68 percent of a nomination for a Grand Prix – more than the FEI’s requirement for a minimum performance. Irish couples who meet the association’s internal standards are not available to attend in Tokyo. But there are other couples who at least meet FEI standards. However, the association decided that no dressage team would go to Tokyo, only Heike Holstein and Sambuka as a single starter couple. Two related riders, Dane Rollins and James Connor, objected. An independent referee had now agreed that the association was right. But the riders don’t want to accept that.

Based on his assessment in favor of the Association, the Independent Arbitrator stated that the Director of High Performance “considered very carefully and carefully all the factors mentioned in the nomination policy”.

Dane Rollins has now explained to someone else Horse & Hunting, But the referee ruled in favor of the riders in another matter. That is, they meet the minimum requirements for participation in the Olympic Games. In principle, a team can be put together.

However, the referee ruled in favor of the association, and that was the problem. Dane Rollins said he would appeal that decision as well.

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