Irish dog breeds: check it out here!

Irish Dogs: Ireland is full of beauty, rich in landscape and culture. In addition to all the beauty, Ireland also has unique native dogs that every canine lover should know. Meet Irish dog breeds.

Here you can see a great swimmer running like a giant wolf hunter warrior. You can’t miss a blue-haired terrier either. So be sure to check out these amazing Irish dogs.

Irish Water Spaniel

Anyone who finds a dog of this breed of Irish dog should immediately think that it is a brown poodle with similar physical characteristics, but the Irish Water Spaniel is a dog with its own characteristics.

The dog has an indeterminate origin, but it is a very old breed. The breed appeared in Ireland in 1830, but a book in 1607 depicts a dog. This spaniel may have been developed by two species, the South Country Water Spaniel and the North Country Water Spaniel.

Irish Water Spaniel is a highly resistant and skilled dog in the water, often used as an aid to fishermen, catching fish and waterfowl.

He is an excellent swimmer who never misses the opportunity to spend good time playing in the water. The breed has a high level of intelligence, which facilitates training, but it has its own thinking, and can have arrogant behavior.

He is a very active dog and he loves to play with his teachers. He is gentle and aggressive and can live well with children.

This spaniel attracts a lot of attention for its physical features. The curly and dense coat is reminiscent of a poodle, and the water spaniel only accepts brown.

The tail of the spaniel is shaped like a rat’s tail. The Irish Water Spaniel is a very beautiful dog with excellent skills, but it is a very rare breed.

Some features

  • Origin – Ireland
  • Original – Irish Water Spaniel
  • Weight – 20 to 31 kg
  • Size – 51 to 59 cm
  • Size – Medium
  • Hair – Dense, firm and curly
  • Colors – Solid liver (deep reddish brown)
  • Lifespan – 12 to 13 years

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Kerry Blue Terrier: One of the Irish blue haired dogs

Kerry Blue Terrier – Photo: Freepick

This dog get is one of the most energetic and hard-working Irish dog breeds, common in terriers, but with a beautiful blue coat. This is a very unknown breed, but it has gained lovers all over the world.

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He is playful and very loyal and brave. This is a very clever and independent breed, so it is normal for him to be a little arrogant. Kerry Blue is great with kids and is very kind and caring. The dog of this breed likes to live outside and it is common to chase after some prey.

The breed is native to County Kerry, Ireland. Kerry Blue was used to hunt rats and birds and to keep sheep. Some documents from 1847 describe a dog with the character of the Kerry Blue Terrier, referring to the blackish blue color.

This working dog began to gain popularity in 1913 when he attended an exhibition and gained popular taste and became an excellent family dog.

The most striking feature of the Kerry Blue Terrier is its color, grayish blue. Kerry has a thick coat, eyebrows, mustache and a long beard. The body is well proportioned and well developed. The tail is slender and straight.

Some features

  • Origin – Ireland
  • Original – Kerry Blue Terrier
  • Weight – 15 to 18 kg
  • Size – 44 to 50 cm
  • Size – Medium
  • Hair – soft, full and wavy
  • Colors – blue in any shade (with or without black tips)
  • Lifespan – 12 to 15 years

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Irish Librell: One of the oldest Irish dogs

Irish dog breeds

Girl playing with dog – Photo: Freepick

It is one of the oldest Irish dog breeds, and quotes about this breed in 391 BC compare it to an Irish wolf. This dog was used in battles and dragged men in carts.

He considers a very brave and cruel dog, a hunter wolf and a wolf. A real warrior in battle. An Irish law allowed only kings and nobles to own the Irish label.

The species became extinct in the 1800s, with moose and wolf becoming one of the leading causes of extinction in Ireland. The species survived and was approved by the Kennel Club in 1925.

Despite its fame and strong side as a warrior, the Irish LeBrell is a gentle giant. He is a great dog, but very calm, with a good relationship, without aggression, and very affectionate with family.

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Have good friendships with children and other animals. He is a dog and it should be raised in a very wide area because he is a big guy. This is a dog that does not require a high level of activity, just enough for a walk or run.

The size of an Irish label is remarkable. A great person who is strong, majestic and dominant. The head is long and flat, with dark eyes and small ears and a moderately sharp snout.

Some features

  • Origin – Ireland
  • Original – Irish Wolfhound
  • Weight – 48 to 54 kg
  • Size – 76 to 81 cm
  • Door – Large
  • Hair – Coarse and rough, but the hair above the eyes is curly
  • Colors – Gray, Belt, Red, Black, Pure White, Phone
  • Lifespan – 6 to 8 years

Irish Setter

Irish dog breeds

Irish Setter – Photo: Freepick

The red and white Irish setter is one of the Irish dog breeds, but its origins are uncertain. Some believe the breed originated between the Irish Spaniel and the Irish Setter breed.

This setter is the oldest in the group, and it was through him that the Red Irish setter was developed, which is why white and red became almost extinct, as the creators focused only on the red variant. The red-haired, white Irish Setter is rarely considered, and is hard to find in his homeland.

He is a normal playful and friendly dog. A great friend to children, he is very kind and interacts with other animals. This setter is very active, he needs a good time to exercise, he needs intellectual stimulation or he gets bored easily.

This is an item that requires patience in training and needs to be learned in its own time. The red and white Irish setter was approved by the American Kennel Club in 2009.

This is a very beautiful breed, with its long, smooth white hair and red spots. He has a humorous, strong, balanced and proportionate look.

With dark eyes and ears close to his head, he has kindness and friendliness. The body is long and muscular and arched

Some features

  • Origin – Ireland
  • Real name – Irish Red and White Setter
  • Weight – 25 to 35 kg
  • Size – 61 to 71 cm
  • Door – Large
  • Fur – long and silky
  • Colors – Only allowed in white with red spots
  • Lifespan – 10 to 14 years
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Belgian Kerry: One of the Irish hunting dogs

Despite adopting a Belgian name, this breed is very different from the typical Belgian, he is a large-sized dog and hunter. He is aggressive with the prey, but this aggression is reserved only for hunting.

He is a very balanced and friendly dog ​​with family. He is patient and playful with children and lives quietly with other dogs. This is an alert dog, and as a good guard dog it has to do with things around it.

The Belgian Kerry is a very intelligent breed that requires activities that stimulate the brain. This item is usually easy to train and he responds well to training using positive methods.

Obedience is another advantage of training and comfort for this item.

It is one of the oldest species in Ireland and has been in pedigree since 1794. The origin of this species is unknown, and what species was used in the development of the Belgian Kerry.

There is even a legend that this breed was bred by a pair of dogs that ran away from Noah’s ark. In 1847, during the Great Famine in Ireland, the Belgian Kerry became extinct. Only the Irish Kennel Club officially recognized the breed in 1991.

The Belgian Kerry is one of the Irish dogs used to hunt foxes and rabbits.

It is a species with a medium to large muscle structure. Long, broad-headed, strong, slightly arched neck.

The eyes are large, oval, yellow, amber, and very dark brown. The ears are long and drooping. The coat is short, smooth and close to the body, and can be brown, black, brown, white, stain blue, black, or brown.

Some features

  • Origin – Ireland
  • Real name – Belgian Kerry
  • Weight – 20 to 27 kg
  • Size – 56 to 66 cm
  • Size – Medium to large
  • Hair – short and smooth
  • Colors – brown, black, brown, white, stain blue, black, brown
  • Lifespan – 10 to 14 years

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