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Irish Cultural Center in all its forms

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The 5 rue des Irlandais of the Fifth Arrondissement, behind the green door of a monument, has been the center cultural Irlandais de Paris for 20 years. The iconic building surrounds a large courtyard that is ideal for relaxation, reading, and reflection, before being set up to accommodate a community of church believers, first and foremost a hotel. The Virgin of Mourning carved in stone, a stele reminiscent of the Irish history of the place, or even a chapel dedicated to St. Patrick make this place a part of Ireland in the heart of Latinism. To access the center’s large and rich collection, you must climb the steps of the building to find yourself at the top of the chapel.

From research to exhibition

More than 8000 works from the 15th to the 19th century are to be found. Heritage Funds From the Irish Cultural Center. “ The books are funded by the Irish College, which has a collection of libraries of English and Scottish Catholic seminaries following a consular order by Napoleon to unite the three institutions. “Marion Mossu, in charge of documentary resources at the Center, says CCI is a subsidiary center, a heritage library that restored collections between 2006 and 2011, with the support of the Irish government and French institutions such as DRAC -le-de-France or Bnf.

Irish Cultural Center Heritage Library. Attribution: Julian Maufron-Gardner.

In 2011, the Heritage Library undertook digitization activities, digitizing an average of 10 books per year, and a total of 175 titles have been digitized to date. By adding the digitization of CCI’s historical archives, we can access thousands of documents available online and consult with free access. In practice, special thanks to the researchers who identified relevant candidates for posting online. There are rare works, such as an Anglo-Irish dictionary of the eighteenth century, or most of the parts that make up the center-organized heritage exhibitions.

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Fresh, starting this week, A virtual exhibition module Lets you find some of these books. History of books, old ties, Marginalia (Notes or drawings with readers or transcripts on the edges of the works), or even the art of being virtuous in Europe under the old regime are some of the themes of these presentations, previously promised in the building’s dedicated room, and resurrected by the grace of technology.

In addition, a digital version of the heritage exhibition currently on site, Revealed the secrets of the ancient book, AAn archeological approach to the bookAlso available online, will remain on the site until June 30, with free and open access every day from 2pm to 6pm and Wednesdays until 8pm.

A Flemish Psalter. Attribution: Marielsa Neels. Irish Cultural Center.

Symbol of Irish culture in Europe

If the Irish Cultural Center was founded just 20 years ago, it would have been based on a long history of Franco-Irish relations, initially based on a general Catholic faith and fierce opposition to Perfidius Albion … Possibility for education Irish colleges were created in Europe: Rome, Louvain, Bordeaux, Nantes, Salamanca, or, more importantly, in Paris.

In the seventeenth century, the Irish Catholic Seminary in Paris received the College des Lombards from Louis XIV and then moved to its current building in 1775 before being confiscated during the French Revolution. The College des Irelandis reopened in 1805 at the behest of the Irish Foundation, founded by Napoleon (now a recognized public utility). When penal laws were abolished in the British Isles, Irish colleges in Europe were gradually closed because asylum was not necessary for the church community. A past full of Irish accents that transformed the building into an ideal setting to host the CCI in 2002.

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The center, which is also under the auspices of the Irish Foundation, is supported by grants from the Irish authorities through grants from the Art Council of Northern Ireland and the Irish Government, thus seeking to support national cultural events outside their borders. “ The Paris site is an important site of Irish culture in Europe Says Marion Mosu.

Chapel dedicated to St. Patrick at the Irish Cultural Center. ActuaLitté (CC BY-SA 2.0)

For those who are curious about Samuel Beckett’s country, all the activities offered throughout the year, such as the environment and content available to researchers, illustrate this importance. CCI is the residence of students and artists, all selected on file. Marion Mosu explains: ” For students, we offer about thirty places. On the part of the artists, living in the month of May nine. Among them, writers John Holton and Dermot Bolger. “In the end, An arch of light Editions presented by Joel Losfeld in January (Trade. Mary-Helen Dumas) Literary night May 21 at the Forum of Foreign Cultural Institutes in Paris (FICEP).

Downstairs is the Heritage Library, Library Offers a wide range of content focusing on Irish production for a wider audience. Within its colorful walls George Bernard Shaw represents all the arts in the country: 11,000 physical documents and 10,000 digital, 80% of the content in English, 15% in French and 5% in Gaelic. Opportunity to discover movies from ER Dodge Island, sometimes lesser known, by musicians or writers who have already translated largely into French or are still unknown, or magazines and newspapers not seen in CCI and France.

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Finally, more unusual, candle readings are regularly organized in the renovated Heritage Library. Chapel conducts concerts and readings: Actress Emmanuel Davos, for example, came to read at the beginning of the year. James & Nora (Trans. Aude de Saint-Loup and Pierre-Emanuel Dauzat) Written by Edna O’Brien and published by Sabine Vespers Publisher.

A rich program for 2022

In addition to the Centre’s 20th anniversary, the structure dedicated to Irish culture this year celebrates the 100th anniversary of the publication of the most famous Irish novel of the twentieth century. Ulysses (Trans. Jacques Obert), James Joyce. From February to June, the publication month of the Memorial, CCI will continue to present numerous exhibitions, projects and meetings surrounding the outstanding National Author.

In particular, the Center invites those who are curious. “ Participate in the joy evoked in the language of Ulysses, even by touches “, Because the whole text is broadcast in the courtyard of the building. But also the original audio tour commissioned by Rachel Ni Chuin to find out Joyce’s ParisOr An interactive introduction It allows you to explore this great novel and the exception it represented when it was published … BloomsdayJune 16. On that day, CCI invites visitors to hear some words from Leopold Bloom’s famous Odyssey in the center courtyard, dressed in the finest costumes of their century.

At the same time, programming around Irish independence It was finalized in 1922 and organized, with all its details To find out here.

Fresco in the courtyard of the Center Cultural Irelandis. ActuaLitté (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Attribution: ActuaLitté (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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