Irish crew fined, Mattussian race returns to Breen-Nagil –

Irish crew fined, Mattussian race returns to Breen-Nagil -

After removing the time control that led to their winning 10-second penalty, it goes to the Irish Breen-Nagles, 68th Rally Santremo.

As our newspaper wrote in the beginning, before the penalty that determines the direction of the race, the end Craig Breen e Paul Nagle The winners of the Matusian Rally (in the Hyundai i20) are back, 4.7 seconds above the Krugnola-Ometo, just above the Hyundai. The Irish were penalized for the delay in accumulating CO 8 / A, but in the end everything was lined up.

Race Director Simon Buratti’s decision to cancel all fines recorded in the 8 / A time limit for entry to the service park was issued at 9.15pm. It was taken because of a change in car traffic due to road traffic just before the Sioux. With the cancellation of the time control, Craig Breen-Paul Nagl also removed the penalty, so the crew that dominated the special stages was the winner.

At 90.93 km of the race, the rally was on the verge of collapse. Party Power stage Of Bazardo Saturday won Craig Breen To Ciccio-Carpacio, The last of the rally, The final sprint was launched, with a specialty of 20.75 km Kragnola. However, double Hyundai, Happily coming out of the Western Ligurian competition.

Great satisfaction to the Hyundai Motorsport team principal Andrea Adamo, Who enjoys the satisfaction of double success in both Santremo WRC, Where they monopolized the rankings 68th Rally Santremo There the cars of the Korean manufacturer made them the first two places. “We came to Santremo to win, and we did it”.

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Third last place for concrete Fabio Andolfi, Around Stefano Savoy, He was very good at not being misunderstood throughout the course of the race, and San Bartholomew was the fastest player in the first test of the day.

They closed the game on the fourth-place podium going up Stefano Albertini e Danilo Fappani, Are forced to run with them Koda Fabia Evo After an error, albeit a small one Power stage Of Bazardo This brought the split number to fifteen on Saturday. Despite the fact that the Brescian crew felt imperfect with the car, they fell to the ground today. He could have played Giandomenico Baso, With Lorenzo Granoy In her right seat Koda Fabia R5, The man who fought for the final victory (second overall after five Tests, 5/10 behind the then leader Kragnola) Before digging in the sixth Test, the Cole de Ojia-2, 48 ”7 lost from it Breen, Best time, to sixth on the overall floors. Despite the attack, the next victorious Venetian was able to regain only one spot in the following special stages Vineyards And final inspection Ciccio-Carpacio The performance (at the same time as Kragnola) allowed him to be one of the top five in the overall standings.

Simon Campedelli Around Tania Canton, Using Volkswagen Polo, They finished sixth, returning to face Asphalt nineteen months later (Dew Valley 2019), leaving only a wild Giandomenico Baso in fifth place in the final special. Standard bears Moviesport Among the heroes of the tricolor championship they enter with determination and stand in front of a very fast Frenchman Stephen Lefebvre Is on Citroen C3R5 With Andy Malfoy, After a difficult start to it Power Stage de Bazardo (19 in total). The Frenchman, in the second half of the day, finished in the top ten overall, managing the last Ciccio-Carpacio, the longest race to cross the two crews, until the hour before him, Sifi-Perna, de Tomaso – Masochi.

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Last eighth place Rudy Michelin With Michelle Perna To suggest his notes Koda Fabia R5 (The car that replaced the Volkswagen Polo planned during the pre-race verification phase), he had minor problems with losing emotion, ground and position on the second lap of the special stages. Recovering himself in the final Test allows him to climb two positions on the overall floors. Behind Michelini Damiano de Tomaso-Massimo Bissochi, Citroen C3 R5 is not very satisfied with their performance on Ligurian Day, which does not allow them to repeat the good things shown in Ile Sioco. The best performance of a young Tuscan Tomaso Siufi e Michelle Perna Is on ഡkoda Fabia, One-tenth of the final classification and even the third absolute time could be broken Power stage Of Bazardo. Florentine was the author of a good match at the time, but paid for his experience in picking tires in the final Test, which pushed him back to second place.

Withdrawn Among the great pilots, the son of Swedish art Oliver Solberg, A person who splits a wheel in the third special stage (Cole de Ojia), After setting the fourth absolute time in the previous experiment of San Bartholomew. Of the 139 parties held regularly this morning, 108 ended with employees.

In New, ten years later. A challenge with a colorful flavor between them Hyundai WRC With In Theory New And its navigator Martin Widege It wins the success of the first edition San Remo WRC, Race After 18 years, the cars of the World Rally were brought back to the streets of Santemo. The success of the Belgian driver comes exactly ten years after the achievement of the then promising young man in these tests. Behind him, the 2019 world champion is just 2 ”6 Ott Tänak Around Martin JarvojaHe shared the success of the special stages (three for Belgium and four for Estonia) as a challenge that excited the audience who followed the event in front of the television. Third place for the young Frenchman Pierre Louis Loubet Navigated Vincent Landis, More experienced in the Hyundai i20 WRC than the Italian gentleman driver “PedroEnjoying the excitement of being a Hyundai World Champion with his Navigator Emmanuel Baldasini.

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(Photo by Tonino Bonomo)

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