Irish CNPD forced to search WhatsApp

Irish CNPD forced to search WhatsApp

The question is like a lava flow that has been raging for weeks: could a national regulator replace another if it did not act on its own to enforce European data protection regulation?

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) this Thursday chose another path,
By clearly asking CNPD-equivalent Irish data regulator to investigate how WhatsApp Ireland, the holding company of WhatsApp in Europe

The Hamburg Supervisory Authority EDPB, one of the German regional regulators, was seized following a change in the terms of use of the instant messaging application. However, he disagreed with the view that a crime had not been proven and that the investigation should be carried out immediately.

The European regulator has made it easier for Irish Chnpd to investigate whether data combination or comparison from other IE users with other data processed by other Facebook companies processed as part of the Facebook Services offer of other services is often processed. In others Through the use of unique identifiers ”and gained sufficient legal basis.

On May 11, the German commissioner banned Facebook
Transfer WhatsApp data from Germany to other countries for three months.

Ireland is Facebook’s main authority because Mark Zuckerberg’s group has European headquarters.

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