Irish CNIL prosecuted for its slowness

Irish CNIL prosecuted for its slowness

The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) is being taken to court in Ireland before the High Court, which has jurisdiction over civil cases in the country, according to the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL). March 14 Local Press. The association, in the person of Johnny Ryan, criticizes the DPC for handling the 2018 complaint against Google and the IAB Europe.

The case lasted for 3 long years

The year the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in the European Union, Johnny Ryan filed a complaint against Google’s advertising technology and the IAB. This complaint is more related to the operation of Real-Time-Bidding (RTB). A method used for personalized targeting of online ads.

In the same category

Contextual targeting connects customers with the ad

This live sales technology of an ad. It is alleged that Google operates on advertising platforms, collecting personal data without permission and sharing it with multiple actors without notifying users. For ICCL, this technology violates many points of GDPR.

Johnny Ryan’s complaint was not handled properly by the DPC. He stated TechCrunchFor 3.5 years I have been asking the Irish Data Protection Commission to investigate and take action on the biggest data breach on record. She did not, so all Europeans were exposed in this case .

The DPC launched a formal investigation into Google’s RTB in May 2019 and informed Johnny Ryan. According to the latter, the Irish CNIL decided to avoid the data security aspect of its investigation, yet it was the most important in its view. He added that his request was not processed within a reasonable time.

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Formally, DPC is only valid for components that include Google. The one-stop shop system requires GDPR-based complaints to be submitted to the regulator where the head office of the accused company is located. Google’s European headquarters in Ireland are DPC certified, and as part of that, the IAB is responsible for the Belgian regulator.

For example, the IAB recently condemned in Belgium the Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF) used by many sites to collect user consent. At this point, Johnny Ryan alleges that the DPC did not forward his complaint to the relevant CNIL.

Facing this approach, DPC Deputy Commissioner Graham Doyle gave a simple answer. TechCrunch No ” There is much to be said at this stage, except that our investigation is progressing .

Before that it was DPC’s notoriety

For more than a year, the DPC has been receiving criticism from all over the old continent for its slowness and mildness in handling complaints. European Data Privacy Advocate Figure Max Shremes has filed a corruption complaint against it.

The Commission is further exposed as the head offices of European digital companies are concentrated in Ireland. Some EU governments believe they are responsible for the partial implementation of GDPR and hope to develop a one-stop shop. This new procedure against DPC has not improved its image.

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