Irish citizens wanting to leave Afghanistan for Kabul and other places

Irish citizens wanting to leave Afghanistan for Kabul and other places

The 33 Irish nationals who want to leave Afghanistan are scattered in Kabul and other parts of the country.

Not all of them will be waiting for flights at the airport in the capital.

An unknown group of them are Afghans, who acquired Irish citizenship and returned to their home countries before the Taliban came to power.

Sources close to the ground operations said that the U.S. military was coordinating flights from Kabul and would ultimately decide who should go and when.

When communicating with Irish citizens, especially through embassy staff in Abu Dhabi, communications within the country are rare and the channels are often followed by agencies such as the Red Crescent.

Earlier, Foreign Minister Simon Coweny confirmed that the number of Irish passport holders waiting to return home in Afghanistan had risen to 33:25 as adults and eight dependents.

Speaking at Newstock Breakfast, he said the government was working with European and British partners to secure seats on military planes for them when Kabul airport was safe.

“People don’t lag behind,” Coweny said.

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