Irish boxing gold medalist Harrington praises “true Olympic spirit” as he invites opponents to the podium at the medal ceremony

Irish boxing gold medalist Harrington praises "true Olympic spirit" as he invites opponents to the podium at the medal ceremony

Harrington became the third Irish boxer to win Olympic gold in Dublin after defeating defending world champion Beatrice Ferreira of Brazil on Sunday morning in Tokyo.

In doing so, Harrington equaled the achievements of Katy Taylor and Michael Carrot, who won Olympic gold for Ireland – but when Harrington’s effort in the ring was rewarded with a fitting medal, his athleticism on the outside was also noted.

On the way to Sunday’s Olympic finals, Dubliner raised her hand to each woman she defeated, ensuring that the other medalists in her weightlifting class received the recognition they deserved, and then as the three rivals began to leave, Harrington invited Harrington, Ferreira, and Vencol Medal. They hugged to celebrate their collective achievements.

Despite the fighting at 6 a.m. local time, the streets of Dublin and Ireland – were filled with locals celebrating Harrington’s victory.

In fact, when Harrington learned of the early morning celebrations in the Irish capital, she said: ” I never thought anyone would see!«

Connor McGregor was one of those who watched the fierce battle with intense interest, and suffered a broken leg during a UFC meeting with Dustin Poirier during rehabilitation in the United States.

« God bless you, Kelly HarringtonMcGregor tweeted. ” What a journey! In the background, then rose forward, then [you] gone [did] You will do whatever you say.

“Olympic Champion Gold Medal Winner! The condition you are experiencing is incredible. A real work ethic. Congratulations, Kelly.«

McGregor’s passion matched many other people on social media, many of whom highlighted Harrington’s selfless fitness at the medal ceremony.

« Well, that’s the real Olympic spirit – suffocating each other, then recognizing and kissing“, Wrote a fan.

« Respect everyone equally“, Added another.” Recognizes ability. Losing and coming back in the first round is unusual. Definitely a deserving winner. »

« This is just pure class, worthy and respectful of four boxers. Shiny, Said the third.

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