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Irish black skin was lactose intolerant

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AGI – Stone Age people in Ireland were black-skinned and lactose intolerant. In short, this is the result of a study conducted by a team of archaeologists led by Marion Dowd at the Institute of Technology Sligo in Ireland.

To reach these conclusions, published in the Oxford Journal of Archeology, researchers genetically analyzed two Stone Age bodies found in a natural rock formation on a mountain.

The results show that both bodies belonged to darker-skinned people than expected and to many people who lived in Europe at the time, and that they lived in larger communities.

The Rock Chamber 2016 was accidentally discovered by a pedestrian exploring Mount Borgom., In North West Ireland. Human bones dating back thousands of years have been found on the ground. “This is a Neolithic site that has been completely uninterrupted for 4500-5000 years,” Dowd says.

The researchers found a total of 4,899 bone fragments, including adults and children of at least eight individuals. Experts believe the site was not a mortuary and that the bodies were brought in to allow the meat to decompose, so the skulls and other large bones were removed.

“All that’s left are very small bones and very small fragments,” Dowd says. These elaborate burial practices were common in Neolithic, the late Stone Age. In fact, Neolithic funeral rites often lasted for years and may have been associated with religious beliefs about the afterlife.

“Physical disintegration of the body reflects the spiritual journey,” Dowd points out. Laura Cassidy of Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, was able to obtain DNA from two bones of two adult males around 3000 BC.

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“It tells us they come from a community large enough to avoid the next breeding,” Dowd says. Both were lactose intolerant, meaning that adults could not absorb the lactose in the milk without becoming ill. Today, Most people of European descent can absorb lactoseThis behavior has only developed in the last 5,000 years, thousands of years after the beginning of keeping dairy animals like cows. Today’s skin is darker for two adult men, as it is in the Middle East or Mediterranean today.

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