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Ireland’s win over Germany – ‘We were fantastic’ – Sport

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How happy we are that there are some complex constants in this world. The issue of pop music and the islanders of Europe, for example, has always been a successful one. The Irish and the British can be deadly enemies at times, but when they are in a good mood (they are often Irish), they will sing about the action with the right song. After the national team wins a football match, stadium DJs in Germany like to harass visitors with “black and white” numbers. A “work” by Oliver Poacher can get on your nerves.

In Dublin, moments after the final whistle, the blueprint director of the good-natured Depesh mode decided: “I’m not enough”. It fits like a cream cake on the face of deceived Germans. Fat men, housewives and toothless red-haired girls fell wildly into a giant pillow fight at the stadium stands on Landsdowne Road. One! Until! Zero! Against the Germans! Even the toughest Irish fans had to touch their cheeks in disbelief. On the pitch, night captain Shane Long was interviewed for the first time. He only uttered words like “incredible” and “amazing game”.

“We played with our hearts”

A victory over their own people against Germany – the last of these was on November 25, 1956, when the boys, named Howerti or Fritz Simmons, defeated then world champions Ron, Morelock and Eckel 3-0. Current Irish coach Martin O’Neill reports a historic “historical effect” with a sense of history. He added: “The whole team performed well. We played with all our hearts and put a lot of pressure on the world champions.” Little Ireland can now call itself the winner of world championships, where rugby, hurling and gal football are actually more important than “soccer”.

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Thanks to Ray Houghton’s century in the 1994 World Cup, it was a moment of joy equal to the 1990 World Cup quarter – final or 1-0 preliminary round victory over Italy. With the fight against France on Sunday. The rugby player is yet to come, and Ireland have rekindled their love of football.

“Long’s goal ensured an epic victory over the world champions and brought back memories of all the great things in the sport,” the otherwise quiet newspaper said. Irish Independent. “The Germans can blame the World Cup hangover, but they should even look at Shane Long’s winner with envy.” Irish Times.

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