Ireland’s most hunted house goes on sale. Do you have the courage to buy it?

Casa infestata Irlanda

They call it the house of the devil, Rejection is useless, and name annoyance is no small matter. However, those who know it have no doubt: the Georgian Mansion in Wexford, Ireland is one. Haunted house.

Fans Dark tourism They don’t need to read her presentation because we know her fame precedes her. Loftus Hall is the most hunted house in Ireland, Also called the Devil’s abode. According to legend, Anne was haunted by the spirit of Tottenham, who showed up at her house after playing a card game with Lucifer, until the mad girl died inside the house. The role of a sailor seeking help.

The Irish house has been a real reference point for centuries Ghost hunter In general Dark tourism lovers, After a renovation establishment, in fact, it has become a tourist attraction with guided tours. Travelers from around the world flocked to Ireland in search of Lady Ann’s ghost, and chose the house as the location for the Disney movie. Artemis chicken The movie The Lodgers.

Loftus Hall is for sale today, and not only can those who dare to buy the devil’s house stay there, but extraordinary researchers may choose to reopen it.

Located on the Hook Peninsula in Wexford County, Irish Villa dates back to 1350. Built from the beginning in a Norman castle In 1170; Historically it was renamed Redmond Hall, later renamed the Loftus Family.

The big house has been aborted several times, and for centuries it has been on the orders of two different nuns, yet this appointment has not changed. Apparently, Queen Victoria was repeatedly invited to spend time in the villa, but sovereign He never accepted the invitation.

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Current owners Aidan and Shane Quigley could not handle the heavy legacy of the house, so they decided to sell it for 25 million euros. The buyer will receive the entire property, which includes 63 acres of land and a private beach.

Loftus Hall – Fonde 123rf / Lorusha

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