Ireland’s inability to enforce Brussels law ‘shatters’ EU anger | The world

Angela Merkel's Germany

The European Union (EU) has said it will “put its foot down on Ireland’s.”

All three tech giants, including Apple and Microsoft, have their European headquarters in Dublin, with Ivory being built by Taoist Michael Martin, the European Union’s chief law enforcement regulator. However, a survey by the Irish Civil Liberties Council (ICCL) indicates that 98% of the 164 major privacy breach complaints are currently unresolved by the country’s Data Protection Commission (DPC).

Spain, though much smaller than Ireland’s budget, issues ten times its draft decisions.

Johnny Ryan, Principal Investigator at the ICCL, described Ireland as the ‘worst hurdle’ in applying the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which regulates data protection and privacy in the world. European Union and the European Economic Area.

He added: “The implementation of the GDPR against Big Tech has been hampered by Ireland’s inability to present draft judgments in cross – border cases.”

Ursula von Der Lane, President of the European Commission, Michael Martin, Irish Taoist (Photo: GETTY)

Angela Merkel’s Germany provokes Ireland (Image: GETTY)

The rest of the EU relies on Irish draft rulings before initiating its own actions against companies.

Estelle Massey, Senior Policy Analyst at Access Now, said: “The entire cooperative system relies on some of the key data protection agencies that are driving issues forward, and yet that is not happening.

In July, the Irish Parliament, Dale, published a report in which it argued that “the fundamental rights of citizens are at stake” and suggested that the DPC needed urgent reform.

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Ulrich Kelber

Alrich Kelber (March: GETTY) filmed in March

The issue is causing tension among other EU27 members, with Ulrich Kelber, head of the German Data Protection Supervisory Authority, recently telling the European Parliament that he had “sent 50 complaints about WhatsApp” to Irish authorities, “none of which have been closed.”

In addition, Kelber criticized that “the very slow processing of cases in Ireland lags far behind the processing of cases by most European supervisory authorities, especially in Germany.”

By the end of 2020, there were 196 cases in Ireland, but four of the 176 cases were closed, unlike in Germany, where 52 were closed.

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Like all major tech companies, Facebook has a European headquarters in Ireland (Image: GETTY)

Google Dublin

Google Headquarters in Dublin (Image: GETTY)

In May, the European Parliament approved a resolution to the European Commission to initiate infringement proceedings against Ireland, citing non-implementation of the GDPR.

In all, 541 deputies voted, with only one opposition, leaving 151 deputies.

The resolution expresses its deep concern that the DPC has not yet decided on the number of complaints against GDPR violations and other complaints from privacy organizations and consumer groups filed on May 25, 2018, the day GDPR applies. . Authority for these cases.

EU budget sections

Mapping sections of the European Union budget (Image: Express)

In addition, it expresses its concern that the DPC ‘interpretation of Article 60 (3) of the GDPR’ is ‘without delay’ – contrary to the intent of the legislators – within months “

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In addition, the resolution underscores the “lack of technicians working in the DPC and the use of outdated systems”, “denies the consequences of the DPC’s failed attempt to transfer the cost of legal proceedings to the defendant.”

No enforcement action has yet been initiated as the Commission has been contacted to ask if this will happen.

Michelle Martin

Michael Martin’s Ireland reprimanded by European Parliament in May (Photo: GETTY)

In subsequent cases, the DPC earlier this month fined WhatsApp Ireland $ 192 million (225 million) for violating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

It issued a decree ordering WhatsApp, a Facebook affiliate, to adopt a “set of specific corrective actions” and adhere to data management practices. has also contacted the Irish DPC for comment.

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