Ireland’s GDPR application challenged by European Commission?

Ireland's GDPR application challenged by European Commission?

European ombudsman Emily O’Reilly recently sent a request to the European Commission to look into Ireland’s case. In fact, the country where many of the big technology companies’ European ships are based does not seem to be taking enough initiative in the application of GDPR.

The center stage, which has not been given much, has an independent role for the European ombudsman, whose mission is to ensure the proper governance of European institutions and bodies. In this case, if the European Commission does not adequately ensure the proper implementation of GDPR in Ireland, ombudsmen and mediators can keep it in account. They can do so on their own initiative or at the initiative of a government, individual or company.

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Emily O’Reilly follows a complaint from the Irish Council for Civil Liberties (CILC, or ICCL in English) received by the European Ombudsman by the end of 2021. For CILC member Johnny Ryan, the Irish government responsible for enforcing the GDPR and the Data Protection Commission (DPC) rejected 98% of the complaints it had already received, a figure it disputes. He explained that he had contacted Justice Commissioner Didier Reinders, saying that the European Commission had a responsibility to ensure that GDPR was applicable.

Johnny Ryan retorted on Twitter in a letter to Commission President Ursula von Der Lane, explaining Emily O’Reilly. ” Agrees to ask the Commission to provide a detailed and comprehensive account of the data collected so far to determine whether GDPR is applicable in all respects in Ireland.. ⁇

Especially since the practices of the Irish CNIL have been the subject of complaints about the corruption of the NGO Noib in Austria. ” This is a regulator that explicitly demands ‘compensation’ for doing their job, which is probably corruption in Austria. , NGO estimates. Its founder, lawyer Maximilian Shrews, is known for his consistent defense of personal data. ” The behavior of the DPC has finally crossed all the red lines. If we do not agree to remain silent, they lose all our rights to the proceedings .

That fact must be taken into account. ” Public bodies and civil society organizations report inadequate GDPR implementation in Ireland (…)⁇.

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Although Meta, Google, Microsoft, and many other giants have set up their European headquarters in Ireland, the implementation of the GDPR in 2018 revealed the important role it plays. DPC has often been frustrated in the past, but the popularization of the problem of data processing and the gradual pressure exerted by member states are causing things to happen. But this is still not enough.

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