Ireland’s first tick tock employees say they are not violating Kovid-19 rules when it comes to DJ Marty Gilfoy

Ireland's first tick tock employees say they are not violating Kovid-19 rules when it comes to DJ Marty Gilfoy

Members of Ireland’s first Tick Tock House said the corona virus did not violate regulations after being questioned online.

10 influencers came together in a house in South Dublin to create content for social media platform Tick Tock.

This idea, which has become commonplace around the world, is a first for Ireland, and ‘GOAT house’ has attracted a lot of online attention.

Many have questioned how 10 strangers can fit in with the Kovid rules, but they insist it is permissible because they are now a family.

One of the members who answered a question on Instagram said he tested the virus before logging in.

Radio DJ Marty Gilfoyle has already left the mansion after being subjected to “horrific” online abuse over the project.

He said in a statement: “The project seems a little interesting, but if it goes well, it will have a huge impact on my work. There is still plenty of room for innovation around Tic Tac Toe, so at least nothing has happened, but I can see some like – minded people in that area.

“When I signed up I had no idea who was going to go home with me. I made a leap of faith. Going forward three days fast, suddenly I’re number one in the country trending topic, it’s absolutely wild – it’s a content collaboration project, and nothing else seems to be happening in the world.

“You may think this is ridiculous. Well, you may think I’m silly. Well. I can take a slogging and the next person.

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“But what really bothered me was the suggestions that signing up for a work project with a group of adults was somehow weird or robbing.

“Like I said, I can take a slog, but not everyone, especially to this extent. At this point, my concern is that it’s starting to affect other people involved, so I’m left home, no longer any connection to the project.

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“Greetings to everyone out there. I hope they have a wonderful time, and I can not wait to see what comes out of the collaboration.”

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