Ireland’s favorite casino games

The people of the Emerald Isle love to gamble. According to statistics, 5.7% of Irish 25 to 34 year olds and 4.8% of 18 to 24 year olds play at online casinos. All of it is not without reason, Ireland is a country with legends of mischievous leprechauns and a pot of gold under the rainbow, and horseshoes and hats symbolize profit and wealth. And among the many games that offer land and online venues, Irish players have their favorites. We’ll talk about them today.

Live casino

The world pandemic has changed our way of life in many ways, and the casino industry has been affected as well. Land-based casinos are quite developed in Ireland, but hard times of isolation forced the Irish, who liked to sit at card and table games in a real casino and enjoy its atmosphere, to switch to online venues. Of course, it was a wave of good fortune for the leading online casino game providers: there were many games that could be played almost “for real.” A player could watch a live broadcast with a real dealer who would deal cards or spin the roulette wheel and immerse himself in the atmosphere of a real casino.

Notably, many of the games are broadcast from local casinos, such as the Cork casinos.


One-armed bandits migrated to Ireland from American bars, and have been entertaining the Irish ever since. Slots are undoubtedly the favorite game of most Irish people, and usually regular and online casinos offer thousands of slot machines with a variety of themes. For example, in Irish casinos you can find the popular mythical character Leprechaun or slots, with motifs of Celtic mythology.

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The most popular slot machines in Ireland:

  1. Age of the Gods: King of Olympus. It’s a slot machine from Playtech. Contains 5 reels and offers 25 lines. There is a chance to get freespins with multipliers and additional “wilds”, as well as one of four progressive jackpots.
  2. White King. It’s a five-reel slot machine from Playtech with 40 prize lines. There is a chance to get freespins with special “wild” symbols.
  3. Luck O’ The Irish. It’s a five reel, 40 line slot from WGS. There is a chance to get freespins with special “wild” I symbols.
  4. Stardust. It’s a slot machine from Microgaming. It contains 5 reels and 40 lines. In the course of the game, the user collects 10 gems to get freespins. Frispins give 1,024 ways to win. There is a chance to get respins.
  5. Goldwyn’s Fairies. It’s a five-reel slot from Microgaming. Offers 20 lines, three wild symbols, respins, freespins.

Board games

The Irish also like to play punto banco, blackjack and poker in casinos, and fans of James Bond movies can have fun at a game of baccarat. Notably, some land-based casinos in Ireland host World Series of Poker tournaments in which famous casino players compete.


Poker is adored by many Irish people, because it’s easy enough to master. In addition, online venues in Ireland, for example, offer tables for players of different levels. Players can also try to play video poker.


Blackjack originated in the 15th century and is popular in Ireland because of its simplicity. It is mistakenly thought that the goal is to score as many points as possible, but no more than 21. In fact, the goal is to beat the dealer.

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One to eight decks are used in the game. Because the probability of a Blackjack combination is lower with more decks, the player’s advantage decreases as the number of decks increases.

The dealer deals cards (usually from one or two decks of cards, but more often from a deck containing at least four decks): two cards to each player and one card to himself. All cards are opened at once (visible to both the dealer and the player).

If the player has 21 points right after the deal (i.e. the player has an ace and a card with 10 points), it’s called blackjack.

If the player and the dealer have the same number of points in hand, it’s called a push. In this case, everyone stays with their bets, no one wins or loses.

Players make bets before the cards are dealt by placing chips on the appropriate fields on the playing table. After the first card is dealt, players are not allowed to bet or touch their chips.


It is believed that the game of baccarat was invented by Italian Felix Falguere and played using Tarot cards. Then the game migrated to France and there for a long time remained the main means of entertainment of the nobility. It is generally believed that baccarat is played mainly in Asia, in Ireland this game is also quite popular. Mainly because of its low stakes.


It is believed that roulette was invented by Blaise Pascal when he developed the perpetual motion machine back in 1655. The classical version of the roulette mechanism appeared in 1720, when a gambling wheel for bribe gambling was invented in Italy.

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Nowadays roulette is one of the most popular games among the casino players, and it is loved by the Irish as well. Roulette has a simple principle – you choose a number and color and wait until the ball hits the right part of the wheel, and then it’s all down to luck. Due to its simplicity and varieties (there are European, French and American versions), roulette has a constantly growing audience.


No land or online Irish casino is without bingo. This game originated in sunny Italy, then moved to France and Germany, and in the early 20th century came to the USA and at first was called “beano”. Its modern name this game owes to Edwin Lowe, the owner of the toy company, which went bankrupt during the Great Depression. During one of the fairs Lowe noticed Italians playing an interesting game. The winner shouted “Bean go!”. Lowe took the idea for this game and reworked it a bit, and then ordered 6,000 cards from math professor Carl Leffler.

Now every land-based and online casino offers bingo, but the most intense experience of this game can of course only be had in a real casino.

You can check your own favorite game in any 5 euro deposit casino.

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