Ireland, Willingdorf: Visiting the Ambassador Brings Souls – Rottweiler and Surrounding

Ireland, Willingdorf: Visiting the Ambassador Brings Souls - Rottweiler and Surrounding

Students cook for the Ambassador before the ceremony. Photo: Schmidt

The good relations between Willingley Village School and Ireland are at their peak again. The Irish Ambassador visited the Irish class and thanked them for a completely successful program.

Willingdorf – “Here he comes.” The students could be trusted to hold their breath. Nicholas O’Brien, Ambassador of Ireland, sat in her school auditorium. The students gave him a patty soup, maltash and a black forest cherry cake for dessert and then strengthened well.

Ireland Class is a student company recognized as a teaching project by Willingdendorf Primary and Vercrial School.

Ireland is everywhere

The headmaster in the school auditorium said he was happy to have “Green Island” as his exchange partner. The Irish class not only knows the language of the country and deals with a variety of subjects such as history and geography, but also covers the cost of travel as part of a student collaboration. The intensive examination of the project strengthens the harmony of the class, praising the crop-kurta. And friendship with the Irish.

Special birthday

Mayor Marcus Turk described his own relationship with Ireland. Turk said he was born just hours after St. Patrick’s Day, a festival celebrated in Ireland. In a village where the same patron saint of Ireland worships St. Patrick.

In addition to the school’s close relationship with Ireland, which the Turks explicitly praised, Willingdorf’s closeness to Ireland can also be seen in a ruby ​​wedding, when the “Irish blessing” is given.

All the speakers have given their sermons in English so far. The students of the Irish class also made their contributions as they presented the class and trip to Ireland in the national language of the distinguished guest and enriched the festival program with entertainment, drama and musical lectures.

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But school president Thomas Hecht tried the German language. He praised the award-winning class for its “excellent advisory idea”, which made the school a “lighthouse project” to be proud of.

Emotionally very touching

The ambassador handled a very personal address, replacing the original intended speech. He said he is excited about the aspirations and inspiration of the students. This school in the village of Willingley rarely touched him emotionally.

He highlighted the impact of such a project on his future life and hoped that a trip to Ireland would be possible again soon. He thanked all those who gave life to this project and all those who honored the community by giving it a place in the Golden Book.

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