Ireland was very strong for the French

Ireland was very strong for the French

Although France thrashed opener Alois Chaila on penalties (3-0, 4), it was not long before the Irish put their big legs in the meeting. More physical, tougher on shocks, sometimes shaking the French skrum, quickly backwards. Examples? Models in this category have three attempts (23, 44, 65) on the ball after a penalty in the 22 meters of the Blues. And then, as we said, the back lines did not give the dog their share. As a proof, we need a test of winger Bowen in the 80m (27th) after the French have dropped a ball. Or another winger Quinn (53), who overcame the entire defense to score; In front of a very passive defense at 40m (40th), not forgetting the number of gleeons behind, that’s right.

Very reasonable

On the contrary, shall we ask? With so much dominance, the French had to settle for crumbs. Of course, there was this experiment of the pillar Romain Freu (38th) after a leap in the order of the Irish line. But it’s about everything. Victims, we repeat of their lack of strength, can only rarely cross the green curtain, often returning to their favorite studies due to the brutality of the opposition.

With so much dominance, the French had to settle for crumbs

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