Ireland travels to Qatar and needs to find Mojo

Ireland travels to Qatar and needs to find Mojo

Qatar vs Republic of Ireland, Nagirdi Stadium, Debrecen, Hungary 7.45pm Irish Time – RTÉ2 Live, Sky Sports Football

There was a strange provocation in Stephen Kenny’s last meeting with the press on Monday, but no one asked if the Irish side would consider boycotting the World Cup.

On the eve of last week’s qualifier against Turkey, Dutch midfielder Jorgenho Vijnold was drawn into a heated exchange with a journalist about the player’s possible actions regarding racism and the tournament, appearing prematurely the next night after losing 4 times to the Netherlands. . -2.

Ireland’s chances of qualifying will be revived to some extent if they lose to Serbia or Portuguese from the lower groups on the team on Tuesday, but it would be better for the Irish players to seize the moment. If Debrecen intends to do so. So everything highlights the violation of migrant workers in Qatar.

Kenny said it would be nice if they did, but the problem is important and needs to be highlighted, but the 49-year-old said he was not instructed that the team would look into sending a message of support from them. Affected.

Forgive the director for keeping in mind the need to perform in a different way. Following Saturday’s home defeat to Luxembourg, the seemingly trivial friendly match was a resounding success, with the worst result of a spell so far.

The FA supports, but a section of disgruntled fans and a few former players are now so big in the media that Kenny can be wrong about his best performances, goals and achievements – the order of that importance is not necessary.

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Training camp

He said he would spend nine days in Spain with the team in June for a training camp involving friends against Andorra and Hungary, acknowledging the amount of blows he received as a result of the weekend and accepting reviews. Since then it has inevitably changed. However, he reiterated his determination to overcome the current crisis and present an aspect that can inspire and inspire the Irish people. These were clearly honest things from a man who must now be under some pressure, and at some point during the speech he showed clear signs of emotion.

He thinks the only way a team can play like they did against Slovakia and Serbia is because, as those performances sometimes have, Kenny makes every impression of looking at them in a light. Very positive – more than that, it seems. , Whenever mentioned.

“I want to create a team that makes Irish football players happy,” he told the team’s Hungarian base. “It simply came to our notice then. We want to be better. We have a lot of talent coming in, and we have a lot of good professionals and experienced professionals. We will improve ourselves by merging the two. ”

“It simply came to our notice then. We have to take it in chin. Some of our games were great against Slovakia and Serbia and we will continue to improve on that. How do I feel now? “

He described the Serbian game as “one of the best shows ever performed by an Irish team”, referring to an interesting round table with two previous predecessors. Company. There he wants to get a deal.

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However, he immediately acknowledged the shortcomings of their performance against Luxembourg, acknowledging that the game had not created as much of a chance as they should have had the game they needed, and that it was necessary and successful.

“We wanted to go to Spain for nine days in June to work all the way we wanted to synchronize and integrate all the new players we brought in,” he said. “Friends against Andorra and Hungary wanted to strengthen what led us to September, but the biggest loss was against Luxembourg.”

Now he needs a great result before summer and September, but he is moving on to the match against that eager Qatari team to sit in Debrecen, where they have beaten Luxembourg and Azerbaijan for the past six days.

Kenny will miss Matt Doherty and Enda Stevens in the game, returning to their clubs after injuries over the weekend and the manager denying that it could lead to a change of government. Some different faces are inevitable, and although the manager gives no idea of ​​the extent of the overall overhaul, he may feel the need to recruit some big players and consider the decision to remove them from the starting line – qualifications. Therefore two of those who qualify are not fully justified by subsequent events.

Qatar, who see only the final stages of preparations for next year’s World Cup as hosts, will also make changes to their squad that beat Azerbaijan 2-1 on Saturday. Thanks to two goals from Captain Hassan Al Haidos.

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Their Spanish coach, Felix Sanchez Bass, has overseen the rise of more than 50 places over the past two years, mainly due to the team’s excellent performance in the AFC Asian Cup. Players. He scored nine of 19 goals in the tournament for the team, which conceded just one against Japan in the final.

Where exactly is Oman located when you need it?

Qatar (structure possible): Al Sheeb (Al Sad); Pedro Miguel (Al-Sad), Al Ravi (Al-Duhail), Khowki (Al-Sad), A. Hassan (Al-Sad); Alayloudin (al-Gharafa), Baoud Diaf (al-Duhail), Hatim (al-Rayyan), Wad (al-Sadd); Al-Haydos (al-Sad), Ali (al-Duhail).

Ireland (collection possible): Pasono (Rochdale); Coleman (Everton), Duffy (Celtic), Oshia (West Brom), Manning (Swansea City); Hendrik (Newcastle United), Colin (Anderlecht), Knight (Comte de Derby); Brady (Burnley), Long (Bournemouth), Horgan (Wycombe).

To rule: Balasberk (Hongri).

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