“Ireland Thriller”: Desire Nose Bush’s Nigu Land

"Ireland Thriller": Desire Nose Bush's Nigu Land

Desiree Nosebush is delighted to be able to re-shoot a dreamlike setting for the new Ireland crime thriller. Recordings were made in the western Irish coast and in the port city of Galway. The actress is enthusiastic: “It was love at first sight. Comfortable character and nigu beauty beauty and love Ireland immediately pierced my heart. It did something to me, and it changed me positively. The country will not spare me.

Filming with the Irish team

Ireland is creating crime thrillers in collaboration with an Irish team. Declan Nosbush is played by Declan Conlon, Mercedes Mുള്ളller, Rafael Garrison and Vincent Walsh. The actress is still thrilled when she thinks about the shoot: “Walking from Salt to Galway, along with the water, was a gift every day. The beauty and magic of the sunset is indescribable. The atmosphere in O’Connor’s pub is special: a beer, live Irish music and, above all, a conversation about the meaning of life. In addition, a quote from James Joyce: “A Wandering Thriller!

This is the “disappearing”

“Disappearance” is the third film in the crime series, starring police psychologist Katherine Blake. Katherine Blake’s special skills and observation skills are needed this time to save the life of a kidnapped teenage girl and to support her father who suffered a heart attack. Desiree Nosebush narrates the story: “On the night of November 1, a girl named Holly mysteriously disappeared in Galway. Irish party at night Samhain, A Celtic festival that opens the doors to the underworld and makes staff appear to contact the inhabitants.

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The Irish crime thriller “The Disappearance” is working today 25.03.2021, 8.15pm. In the first. The film will be available online for another six months at the ARD Media Library. The fourth installment of Ireland crime thrillers with Desiree Nosebush is titled “Forgiveness.” It will air on Mandi Thursday at the same time and will be available online on March 30.

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