Ireland thanks for the little mercy when the belly takes off

Ireland thanks for the little mercy when the belly takes off

Our boys clashed with Hungary on Tuesday night after winning the live game, and for some of us the pain of scoring a goal in Andorra on Thursday night has not completely subsided. This is the time of David Goulder.

Like Gavin Basunu and Troy Parrot, the couple was born a decade after that tragic evening, when David was the young man who waited 8.3 seconds for San Marino to score against England in the 1993 World Cup. Cup.

The fact that England won the match 7-1 was largely overlooked, the embarrassment of ever admitting San Marino, leaving them alone after 8.3 seconds, the shame of their football history.

Andorra’s goal was almost the same, the fact that our boys won by a quarter was ultimately ignored, and the country’s football fans responded with one word to acknowledge that goal: “Murto”.

This, of course, made Peter Collins and Richie Saddler a little shorter in terms of post-match summary, likening Peter’s victory to, for example, the defeat of the Italians at the Giants Stadium (we’m exaggerated here. Richie is utterly disappointed.

It was a hot and delicious swap, but with no continuity, the pair denied the left move to cool them down, with Daraj Maloney, Lisa Fallon and Kevin Doyle leading the way in the Hungarian match.

Or it may be that RTÉ said to Peter and Richie: “Man, at the end of the season you have no way to make another friendship in Ireland, so go and relax on South William Street.”

The performance against Andorra is more tolerable for Kevin and Lisa than Richie, and Lisa noted that such teams “suck your life out”, which is definitely how those who have watched the match feel, reminding Kev that this is a “fake astro pitch”. There was a “five hour bus flight” to get there, so it was no surprise that Ireland played the life of a dodo.

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How different is this challenge? After being drawn into the Euro 2021 group with France, Germany and Portugal, Hungary clearly decided they wanted a final friendly against the team they thought could break up, especially with the beaches in mind, to try it out. Raising a while ago, perhaps, three rivals in the group will be eliminated.

Team News. As expected, Hungary started with the loss of teeth when reading the names of Gulasi, Kesscase, Orban, Bolla, Kleinheisler, Nagy, Schaefer, Fiola, Varga, Two Salis, and George Hamilton. Kenny Cunningham, at this very moment, decided to remain silent until the Irish team appeared, and then began to call Gavin Fella, but Basunu – Banusu, Banisu, Buniso, and so on.

Is it a matter of age, or are you spending half an hour on Wikipedia these days looking for people on our team, most of whom are a little out of the ordinary, so will young David Goulderi be their grandmother?

No problem when you play. Ireland knelt down, Hungary refused, and instead chose to indicate the FIFA symbol of “honor” on their shirts, choosing not to honor the gestures of the busy Sosa Frank Stadium Irish players and whistling instead of their pegasus. It turned out to be a frustrating one.

The game? Not much to say, really, this is similar to the season-end friendship between Hungary and Ireland that we expected. But 0-0, that would be fine.

“Our stomachs were on the ground,” Kev said of the early stages of Steven Kenny’s rule, so he was happy that Andorra had won and Hungary had drawn, which marked a good end to a difficult period. The stomach is not tall enough, but they are going to take off.

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Vacation, no one deserves more than Stephen Kenny. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves.

Happy Holidays.

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