Ireland suspects Russia of building secret spy base in Dublin

Ireland suspects Russia of building secret spy base in Dublin

Ireland suspects Russia Making one Secret espionage in Dublin. Local media reported that Irish officials were alarmed by the Russians’ decision to start a construction project to expand the Moscow embassy in Dublin. The alarm bells will ring especially after discovering the construction of an underground car park at the Russian Embassy. According to the Times, Irish Homeland Security officials have launched an investigation into the construction of the diplomatic mission.

Dublin had blocked previous expansion plans of the Russian embassy

After all, already In the past, the Dublin government has halted previous expansion plans The Russian embassy has issued emergency legislation citing security concerns of the government. The assessment of that proposed development of the diplomatic headquarters, which would increase the size of the complex from 2,000 square meters to 10,000 square meters, established at the time that the new buildings could be used as a basis for espionage and intelligence gathering. Special concerns were found about a building that incorporated military security features.

Suspicious parking

According to a Times report, Irish officials now suspect that the project is part of a new construction plan. The new investigation of security services is mainly a Already built underground parking This created a lot of confusion as there are already plenty of places to park around the Russian Embassy building. According to the Times, Russia wants to take advantage of the fact that Ireland is not a NATO member but has close ties with all Western countries. Therefore, the uniqueness of the Russian Embassy in Dublin is that it acts as a data collection center for secret services throughout Europe.

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