Ireland suspects Putin of missing dolphin “mascot”

Ireland suspects Putin of missing dolphin "mascot"

The symbol for the port city of Ireland disappeared in October 2020. This dolphin, adored by city dwellers and tourists alike, may have suffered from the marine technologies used by Russia, some politicians suggest.

Fungi, a dolphin, disappeared from Dingle harbor in Ireland three months ago. He had lived outside the city for decades and had become his symbol. In 2000, a bronze statue of him was erected. He was last seen on October 13.

Nothing explains exactly what happened to him. While the mystery surrounding his disappearance remains, many believe he is dead, while others believe he has moved elsewhere. There is another theory, however, as the Irish Post reports, blaming Russia.

Why? Russia’s use of tracking technology in Irish waters is believed to affect the number of whales and dolphins. Therefore, it would be one of the explanations for the disappearance of the fungus.

A new charge against Moscow

So some Irish politicians have suggested that Russia could be responsible for using sonar near Dingle Bay.

“It simply came to our notice then. That could be Putin, “said Irish Senator Ned O’Sullivan.

This is because the Russian president has approved the use of this system of underwater sonar to further monitor the movements of British Navy ships.

Malcolm Noonan, Minister of State for Heritage and Electoral Reform, said he shared concerns about underwater noise and noise disturbances, including sonar production, in settlements in the Irish Sea.

Dolphins and whales use sonar-like echolocation to communicate with each other, find food, and detect hazards. The paper explains that the technologies used by submarines and other ships could adversely affect these mammals.

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