Ireland remains neutral, but sends aid to Ukraine –

Ireland remains neutral, but sends aid to Ukraine -

Ireland will primarily provide humanitarian assistance and protection to Ukrainian troops as part of the European Union’s military assistance package to Ukraine.

In line with its policy of military neutrality, the country has decided not to provide lethal weapons.

The European Union’s decision to activate the European Peace Facility is “very understandable”, as EU member states will provide military assistance to Ukraine, Prime Minister Michael Martin said Monday.

This is the first time the European Union has bought weapons for a third country.

Secretary of State Simon Coweny said Monday that countries that do not agree to supply deadly weapons will have the opportunity under the system to seek alternative relief efforts.

In line with the traditional policy of military neutrality, Ireland’s സംഭാവന 9 million donation will be used to provide medical supplies, fuel, helmets and body armor. Malta and Austria are reported to be following a similar pattern.

“Our contribution to the non-lethal part of the peace process does not call into question our military neutrality,” Martin told reporters Monday.

“We are not politically neutral, we have never been politically neutral in the sense of upholding democratic values ​​and democratic principles,” he said. “That is why the peace facility is designed to give countries with a policy of military neutrality and tradition the ability to stay away,” he added.

“The most important thing is that we do not finance the defense, but we will contribute, and here Ireland’s major contribution is in the field of medical and human supplies,” he said. He added that Ireland “could not even think” that any other European government would in any way stop the supply of deadly weapons.

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