Ireland ready for Brexit

Ireland ready for Brexit

Ireland ready to face “Brexit” The country has hired 1,500 new employees to deal with the new customs bureaucracy. Dublin is the main port for cargo entry and exit in the country. From January 1, trucks arriving here will face a number of lengthy bureaucratic processes.

“Goods from the United Kingdom will be subject to two types of restrictions, all goods will be subject to customs control, and then certain types of goods will be subject to what we call sanitary and phytosanitary regulations, SPS regulations. , Animal products such as sperm and embryos, as well as animal by-products, intended for human consumption. “, Explains Hazel Sheridan of the Irish Department of Agriculture.

England has served as an unrestricted bridge for Irish transport companies to transport goods to and from continental Europe through several ports, such as Calais and Rotterdam.

The port of Rosler, about 200 kilometers south of Dublin, is getting ready for traffic. The state will spend more than 100 million euros to build new roads, access roads and build parking lots. A Danish shipping operator is preparing to launch a new six-week service between Rossler and Dunkirk in France.

Says Glenn Carr, director of Rossler Port operations “We have seen a significant increase in direct flights from Rosslair / Europort to Continental Europe. Rosslayer / Europort is the nearest port to continental Europe. From our current service, we will go to Europe five times a week from January.

Rosslair Port Management says their voyages to Cherbourg, France and Bilbao, Spain will take longer but will cross long lines at ports in England.

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“More than 100 million euros will have to be spent in the coming months on building infrastructure to cope with the extra traffic. For many truck drivers transporting goods to Continental Europe, this will be a slow and unconventional route, but Brexit will be the new reality.”, Reports Euro News journalist Ken Murray.

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