Ireland questions Facebook smart glass privacy

Ireland questions Facebook smart glass privacy

The partnership with Irish Privacy Regulator, iBill Stories, Facebook’s Smart Glass and spectacles maker Essilorlaxotica, is suspected to be really effective in letting people know that the device is being taken.

The Data Privacy Commission of Ireland (DPC) has raised suspicions that the device’s LED lamp has adequate dimensions and lighting, informing the environment that it is recording or taking pictures. The organization, which regulates Facebook in the European Union, shares the same concerns as another data monitoring organization called Garante in Italy.


“In the glasses, there is a very small indicator that turns on during the recording. DPC and Garant have not been proven to have conducted tests on Facebook or Ray-Ban Field to ensure that the LED moon is sufficient to warn about the recording,” the agency warned in a statement.

The question comes from the fact that Facebook does not report tests or evaluations for the mechanism, or does not respond to questions raised by Garante on the 10th of this month. The Italian regulator has issued a statement demanding that the social network regulate smart glass with European privacy law.

Smart glasses can invade the privacy of others

Ireland’s concern is that Facebook’s smart glass violates the privacy of the user’s environment. Smart Glass, which allows you to take photos and videos and listen to music, allows you to post directly on the social network through an exclusive app.

“While it’s acceptable that many systems, including smartphones, can record third parties, in these cases the camera or phone will appear during the recording, thus making people aware that they are being recorded.”

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Institutions warn that this statement is an information campaign to raise awareness about the social network. Facebook has even made official statements in this regard.

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