Ireland pass Dublin, Italdon fourth

The terrible defeat against England was a feast in Scotland and the “final” third-fourth place Ireland lost today (April 24). Thus summed up the extraordinary – and not only for the formula suggested by Covid – the Six Nations of Italdon by Andrea de Giandomeniko. He ends 25-5 for Ireland in Dublin in the Donibrook district.

We already know the story: the original location of the match was Parma, which was changed after allowing the inversion of the blue pitch to meet the needs of the Irish. In fact, a normal shipwreck would force them to return home, a process that only professional teams can escape from those parts. Well, professionalism or not, the Irish scored a maximum of four goals, leaving only the crumbs in the blue. And many defensive forgetfulness.

The landlord, already targeted at 9 ‘, opens for a free-kicking Dane Flood under the blue poles, and finally smashes a tackle on the flag, which is unloaded for the sword. In the 21st minute, Farlan and his teammates could benefit from a temporary exit for Napu, but instead the floodwaters reached a temporary 8-0 lead within half an hour. From the touchdown scored in twenty-two opponents, a second score is born: Sword collects and quickly gives Murphy Croy, he finds a hole to fall into, and Furlan tries to avoid the score. The flood is changing, and at 44 it is 15-0. The third goal looks like the first. However, this time it was Maloney who quickly hit a free kick in the guests’ “red zone” and overcame the defense to score 5 points. 20-0 half an hour from the end. In the 69th minute when playing a throw-in at 5m, in the event, they send Betoni over the line. The last paw of the girls in the green jersey is a scam. We’re already 83, Italy have a scoop available in their half, but are trying to resume action, but Arigetti loses the oval, widening the Irish Murphy Crowe’s leg and sealing the match.

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