Ireland: On the streets condemning the rising cost of living

Ireland: On the streets condemning the rising cost of living

In recent decades, Ireland has become one of the most expensive countries in Europe.

The recent rise in fuel, food, rent, and energy is burdening families, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet.

This Saturday, several Irish people took to the streets of Dublin to express their anger, especially the crowd, as pensioners gathered again.

The government is making deductions from our retirement pensions to compensate for money “stolen” from these same pensions. We face the financial abuse of pensioners sponsored by the government“, Said one of them.

The increase in the cost of living, for example, affects many areas of activity such as health.

Nowadays, it is very difficult for us to keep nurses and midwives, especially in big city centers where rental costs represent more than 50% of their salary. We also find it difficult to recruit nurses from non-EU countries because they look at their salaries and make big life decisions and realize that 50% of their income comes from rent, transportation, and so on. Added to this is the difficulty of finding accommodation near where they work.“, To explain Phil Ni Shedda Of the Irish Professional Union of Nurses and Midwives.

In the civil service, too, civil servants stick out their tongues and collide at both ends of life.

The reality is that the young workers I represent today cannot afford to rent or save money to buy an apartment or a house. The situation has worsened with the rise in food and energy prices.“, Reports Ion Ronine of the Force Trade Union.

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For the organizers of this national demonstration, it is imperative that an urgent government budget be established to prevent the situation from getting worse.

People have already lost a lot of money. We are facing a record number of homeless people. Some people have to choose whether to eat or heat food. We need an urgent package of measures to address the cost of housing and rent, the cost of basic goods and energy, and to ensure that wages and incomes keep pace with rising inflation.“, Concludes Richard Boyd Barrett People’s party before profit.

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