Ireland: Man in his 60s consumes more than 50 batteries

Ireland: Man in his 60s consumes more than 50 batteries

The woman complained of abdominal pain. Doctors found more than 50 batteries in his stomach and removed them.

AA and AAA type cylindrical batteries

A 66-year-old woman recently presented to the emergency room at St. Vincent’s Hospital Dublin (Ireland) for abdominal pain. Doctors asked him to do an X-ray, and the results revealed the presence of a significant number Cylindrical batteries inside his stomach. Fortunately, there was no obstruction, perforation or damage to its structural integrity. battery Additional analyzes were not revealed.

Treatment and surgery

Initially, the patient was treated conservatively to avoid surgery. So she evicted 5 people battery Naturally, but complications arose later.
Indeed, a week later the sexagenarian complained of increasingly severe abdominal pain and loss of appetite. Doctors decided to operate. They were able to isolate no less than 46 battery A medical report states that he was removed from his stomach and 4 others from his colon “using an anal retractor and long forceps.”

She is the subject of a medico-psychological follow-up

The patient’s condition improved and she was discharged from the hospital. However, her case should be the subject of a medico-psychological follow-up because she would have consumed 55 battery For self harm. It’s a gesture that can have more serious consequences, “including more serious mucosal lacerations, perforations, and obstructions.”
In a report, radiologists and surgeons at St Vincent’s Hospital explained that no clear practice guidelines had been developed for this case. Cylindrical batteries is rare.

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